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38th annual HPA horse show (April 27)


The 38th annual horse show, featuring Jumping and Play Day events, begins 9 a.m. Sunday, April 27 at Hawaii Preparatory Academy’s Upper Campus.

Judges are Nancy Steinecke of Kapaau, 2014 U.S. Equestrian Federation ʻrʻ Dressage, ʻrʻ Dressage TD, and Laura Rose of Waimea, clinician and trainer.

Riders will compete in the following classes:

Play Day (All classes try to be grouped by ability)

1. Walk/Trot Pleasure (English or Western)
2. Leadline Walk/Trot Pleasure (English or Western)
3. Pleasure (English or Western)
4. Walk/Trot Equitation (English or Western)
5. Lead Line Walk/Trot Equitation (English or Western)
6. Equitation (English or Western)
7. Stalls Game (timed ride maneuvering between poles laid on the ground)
8. Bucket Elimination (English or Western)
9. Ribbon Race (English or Western)
10. Balance and Hold Game (English or Western)
11. Potato Race
12. Ride and Lead (English or Western)
13. Walk Race (English or Western)
14. Bending Poles
15. Barrel Race


16. Roll ʻem Back Jumpers
17. Cross Rails Equitation – Trot and/or Canter
18. Equitation Over Fences – Open 2ʻ to 2ʻ3”
19. Jumper Over Cross Rails
20. Open Jumper 2ʻ to 2ʻ3”

Classes are subject to change due to entries and weather. Post entries are allowed. Riders not yet entered in the show must post enter before the start of the Division in which they wish to compete for a fee of $10 for the day, plus the regular class entry fee.

The event is free and open to the public.

For further information or show registration, contact Judy Folk at 885-4302 or email:

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