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Governor releases tons of funds


In the last month, Gov. Neil Abercrombie has releases millions of dollars for projects across the state. Among the releases:

Governor Releases Funds for DLNR, DAGS

Abercrombie has announced the release of more than $36.6 million for various capital improvement projects (CIP), administered by the Departments of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) and Accounting and General Services (DAGS).

“These priority projects represent significant investments not only in our state facilities and natural assets, but our local economy as well,” Abercrombie said. “In addition to creating jobs and economic growth, these CIPs will enhance protection and preservation of Hawaii’s fragile environment and improve aging infrastructure for the people of Hawaii.”

Allotment of funds for the following projects, identified by state legislators, has been approved by the Governor:


$7,500,000 – Lump Sum Improvements at State Parks, statewide – This project will include planning, design and construction for a wide range of repair and improvement projects, including those to parks, historical facilities and monuments on Oahu, Hawaii Island, Kauai, Maui and Molokai.

$600,000 – Aiea Bay Pumphouse Property Environmental Remediation, Oahu (for Department of Defense) – Environmental remediation and other work related to the site cleanup.

$500,000 – Mana Drag Strip, Kauai – This will complete the current construction phase to repair the facilities on the site and remove and resurface the pavement.

$250,000 – Geothermal Well Plugging and Abandonment, Hawaii Island – This project will seal geothermal wells under state jurisdiction and restore the well sites to preexisting conditions. The wells are located in the Wao Kele O Puna rainforest.

$150,000 – Royal Hawaiian Groin Replacement, Oahu – This project will construct a new groin next to the existing Royal Hawaiian groin. The new groin is a terminal structure that captures/traps sand and allows the central portion of the beach in Waikiki to remain stable. Private contribution funds for this project total $150,000.


$27,695,000 – Kamamalu Building Renovation, Oahu – Construction funds to renovate the building for state agencies relocating from leased office spaces. The renovation (75,000 gross square feet/61,000 net square feet) will provide more efficient use of the building, instead of tearing it down and constructing a new one. Due to the parcel’s small size and prevailing zoning restrictions, new construction would yield only about a 14,900-square-foot facility.

Governor Releases $64.7 Million in CIP Funds to Stimulate Economy

Abercrombie has announced the release of more than $64.7 million for various capital improvement projects (CIP) that will help stimulate the state’s economy through increased construction work and improve dozens of state facilities.

“Many of these projects will address much-needed repairs and improvements to create a safer, more efficient state infrastructure and a more productive workflow,” Abercrombie said. “These funds will further vitalize the construction industry, which is forecast to lead Hawaii’s economic and job growth over the next year.”

Allotment of funds for the following projects, identified by state legislators, has been approved by the Governor:

$13,542,000 – Aloha Stadium Health and Safety Improvements (Phase 3), Oahu – Construction for ongoing efforts to implement health and safety improvements at the facility. Work will include corrosion mitigation and various upgrades to the structural framing system, stairs, and wall panels, and drainage improvements beneath the seating stands. Because the stadium is permanently locked in the football configuration, the work will also include removal of the machinery that was used to move the sideline seating stands.

$10,028,000 – Waimano Ridge Buildings and Site Improvements, Oahu – Additional design and construction funds to repair, renovate and extend existing structures to relocate Department of Health (DOH) employees from the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) building.

$7,575,000 – Information and Communication Services Division (ICSD) Radio Facilities, statewide – Equipment funds for health and safety improvements to support the state’s Anuenue and Hawaiian Microwave Radio Systems, as well as the windward, north shore and central Oahu radio sites. These systems provide critical first responder and public safety communications infrastructure.

$7,365,000 – Capital Improvement Program Staff Costs, statewide – Finances Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS) Public Works Division’s project-funded staff positions for Fiscal Year 2014. This staff implements the various capital improvements program projects for DAGS and DAGS-assisted agencies.

$6,000,000 – Transpacific Landing Stations Broadband Infrastructure Deployment, statewide – Finances project to provide statewide transpacific carrier-neutral fiber-optic cable landing sites and stations. These sites and stations will ensure the installation of future submarine fiber-optic cables and terrestrial broadband infrastructure and improvements.

$5,300,000 – Enterprise Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure, statewide – Finances equipment and software for the establishment of the State of Hawaii Government Private Cloud. This is an abstraction and consolidation of all the necessary IT resources in order to provide robust, scalable, reliable and cost-effective computing environment for the state.

$4,994,280 – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), statewide – Finances a Program Management Office for the statewide ERP Program. The program will provide the state with an integrated, streamlined approach to financial management (including budgeting), human resources management and acquisition management.

$4,665,000 – Waimano Ridge Uluakupu Building Interior Renovation and Mechanical System Improvements, Oahu – Additional design and construction funds for improvements to renovate the air conditioning system for the building. The improvements will include the installation of a central air conditioning system, modification of interior spaces, replacement of energy-inefficient jalousies with awning windows, as well as improvements to the electrical and plumbing systems.

$3,625,000 – Hardening of Hurricane Shelters, statewide – Design and construction funds for improvements to harden various school facilities (used as emergency shelters) with hurricane-protective measures. Improvements include upgrading windows, doors, skylights and other building components that are vulnerable to high winds and flying debris.

$460,000 – DOH Waiakea Complex Roof and Other Improvements, Hawaii Island – Additional construction funds to re-roof majority of the buildings, which are wooden structures that have extensive termite damage and are more than 50 years old.

$400,000 – Statewide Financial System Enterprise Reengineering (ERP), statewide – Finances the Agreement for Special Deputy Attorney General Services dated March 28, 2013 and Supplemental Contract No. 2 between the state Department of the Attorney General and Kaye Scholer, LLP, to review and provide advice and counsel to the state and the Office of Information Management and Technology regarding the adequacy of the request for proposal for the ERP project.

$265,000 – State Capitol Upper Roof Replacement, Oahu – Finances design costs for a new roofing system on the upper roof of the building. The existing roofing system has aged beyond its useful life, and it is no longer feasible to patch-repair the roof. Replacement is necessary to ensure that the roof is watertight for the offices below.

$200,000 – Kulani Correctional Facility (KCF) Renovations and Improvements for Reactivation, Hawaii Island – Design and construction funds for renovations and improvements to reactivate the facility, which was closed in 2009 due to budget restrictions. Renovations will allow the facility for reoccupation by minimum-security male inmates. KCF will eventually house up to 200 inmates. The facility is currently occupied by the state Department of Defense’s Hawaii National Guard Youth Challenge Academy, which will be relocating to the Keaukaha Military Reserve facility.

$182,000 – Waimano Ridge Uluakupu Building Reroof, Oahu – Design and construction funds for improvements to reroof the facility. This request will help to move approximately 70 staff as part of the relocation from the AAFES building to Waimano Ridge for the state DOH’s Safe Drinking Water Branch and the Hazard Evaluation and Emergency Response Office. Additional construction funds required because the initial estimate did not include the cost to install insulation for the roof, which is now required by the current building code.

$90,000 – State Civil Defense Building 303 Air Conditioning and Accessibility Improvements, Oahu – Additional design and construction funds to replace/upgrade the existing air conditioning system and accessibility improvements for the administrative office spaces in the building. The facility houses the Media Center and other critical support functions of the Emergency Operation Center. The existing air conditioning system is old and undersized.

$63,275 – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), statewide – To finance Special Deputy Attorney General Services to provide advice and counsel to the State and the Office of Information Management and Technology, the ERP Steering Committee and the State Procurement Office related to ERP solution. Services include reviewing vendor questions, assisting in preparing responses to vendor questions, providing input related to the evaluation process and providing assistance in connection with any protests. The implementation of ERP requires the expertise and guidance of legal counsel services that specialize in solutions of this magnitude. For this purpose, professional assistance is needed to protect the state from potential contractual issues.

Governor Releases $62.4 Million for Education Facilities Statewide

Abercrombie has announced the release of more than $62.4 million for capital improvement projects (CIP) that will improve various Hawaii Department of Education (DOE) facilities across the state, while stimulating the economy and generating local jobs.

“These funds will help to create a better learning environment for our keiki and provide teachers with the tools they need to succeed,” Gov. Abercrombie said. “In the process, the funds will create work for hundreds in Hawaii.”

Allotment of funds for the following projects, identified by state legislators, has been approved by the Governor:

$36,365,000 – Improving and Maintaining Facilities and Infrastructure – Planning, design, construction and equipment to improve and maintain facilities and infrastructure for various schools statewide. DOE’s estimated roadblock for repair and maintenance is at $265 million. These projects include general school building improvements, electrical upgrades and playground equipment repair, along with maintenance and other school repairs and renovations. Some of these funds will go to the overall repair project at the damaged Farrington High Auditorium.

$7,554,000 – Program Support – Planning, land, design, construction and equipment for program support at various schools statewide, including new/temporary facilities, improvements to existing facilities, ground and site improvements, and for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and gender equity. ADA projects include McKinley High, Baldwin High, Kohala Elementary and Honokaa High. Gender equity projects include Keaau High, Waiakea High and Waipahu High softball fields and Kahuku High and Intermediate girls’ athletic locker room. Funds will also complete construction of a locker room project at Lahainaluna High and complete design of a locker room at Konawaena Middle School.

$7,500,000 – Equity – Design and construction for equality projects to improve instructional spaces such as science labs, special education classroom renovations and classrooms on a statewide basis for classroom/learning environment parity. Equity projects also include energy improvements relating to heat abatement in classrooms.

$5,800,000 – Capacity – Plans, land, design, construction and equipment for capacity projects at various schools statewide nearing their enrollment capacity or are short of classroom space.

$5,200,000 – Staff Costs and Project Positions – Fiscal Year 2014 costs related to wages and fringe benefits for 60 project-funded permanent staff. The positions will provide the technical and clerical support necessary for the DOE to adequately address their CIP needs by moving its CIP project-funded staff to the vacant Liliuokalani Elementary in the near future.

Governor Releases $19.1 Million for State Hospital Facilities

Abercrombie has announced the release of more than $19.1 million for various capital improvement projects (CIP) that will upgrade and improve eight Hawaii Health Systems Corporation facilities.

“These projects will go toward replacements, renovations and upgrades to our aging infrastructure at several state hospital facilities across the state,” Abercrombie said. “In addition to increasing safety and functionality, these projects, part of more than $2.1 billion in capital improvement projects released since I took office, will further stimulate our economy and generate more local jobs.”

Allotment of funds for the following projects, identified by state legislators, has been approved by the Governor:

$4,000,000 – Kona Community Hospital Renovations and Upgrades, Hawaii Island – Address increased activity in the pharmacy, bring obstetric area to current standards, fix leaking showers, upgrade security doors, and continuation of the ER model

$2,200,000 – West Kauai Medical Center Air Conditioning System Replacement, Kauai – Repair and expand existing air conditioning system, which has become prone to mechanical breakdowns

$2,100,000 – Hilo Medical Center Angiography Suite Renovation/Upgrade, Hawaii Island – Existing equipment will be brought to current standards and enable patients to receive greater level of service, while reducing the need for patients to seek services on neighbor islands

$1,590,000 – Hilo Medical Center Laundry Washers and Dryers Replacement, Hawaii Island – Design and equipment for the siting and installation of laundry washers and dryers; majority of the washers are more than 22 years old and requires costly repairs; washers and dryers service Hilo Medical Center, Kau Hospital, and Hale Hoola Hamakua

$1,219,000 – Maluhia Hospital Air Conditioning System Upgrade, Oahu – Replace old equipment on the first, second, and third floors; existing air conditioning system is old and the replacement of the air handler units and other related equipment are necessary to improve air temperature and humidity for patients

$1,100,000 – Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital Exterior Doors Replacement, Kauai – Replace exterior doors that are beyond repair; portion is nailed shut; doors need to be functional in case of emergencies

$850,000 – Hilo Medical Center Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression Systems Upgrade/Replacement, Hawaii Island – Upgrade and replace fire alarm and fire suppression systems to protect the health and safety of patients, visitors, and employees; existing system will be redesigned to meet current national fire protection requirements

$820,000 – Maluhia Hospital Dietary Electrical System and Emergency Generator Upgrade, Oahu – Existing electrical system in the Dietary Department is not connected to back-up power, and refrigerated foods would not be kept cool in the event of a power outage; when improvements are implemented, the hospital will have back-up power to keep Dietary in operation at all times

$800,000 – Maui Memorial Medical Center Air Conditioning System Replacement, Maui – Project will focus on patient care rooms in the East, South and West Wings, electrical rooms, pharmacy and laundry areas; existing air conditioning system has become prone to mechanical breakdowns and needs to be replaced

$750,000 – Hilo Medical Center Long-Term Care Facility, Hawaii Island – Planning of a new long-term care facility to replace the existing long-term care facility that no longer meets Medicare and Medicaid survey requirements

$600,000 – Leahi Hospital Reroofing, Oahu – The facility is more than 30 years old, and replacement of the roof is needed due to leaks

$500,000 – Leahi Hospital Walk-In Freezer and Refrigerators Replacement, Oahu – Current walk-in freezer and refrigerators are old and deteriorating with ice accumulating in the walls around the structure; project will also cool the food assembly area in the Dietary Department, which does not meet temperature requirements established by the Federal Survey Standards

$500,000 – West Kauai Medical Center Nurse Call and Baby Abduction System Replacement, Kauai – The existing system is more than 38 years old and parts are no longer available; with the new call system, communications between the nurse stations and patient rooms and for the baby abduction system will become more reliable

$500,000 – Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital Patient Dining Room Renovation, Kauai – The existing patient dining room is closed due to termite infestation, which has made the area a hazardous place for both patients and staff; patients are currently using a temporary dining room

$500,000 – Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital Nurse Call and Patient Wandering System Replacement, Kauai – The current system is more than 30 years old and replacement parts are no longer available

$384,000 – Leahi Hospital Trotter Building for Memory and Behavior Unit Renovation – Renovate Trotter Building to construct a Memory and Behavior Unit; there is a need for a Memory and Behavior Unit to accept more patients

$250,000 – Hilo Medical Center Patient Security System and Security Access System, Hawaii Island – Equipment for a patient security system and security access system to guard against infant abductions, dementia/Alzheimer patient elopements, and unauthorized access to sensitive areas; the system will also provide for the safety and security of patients, employees, and visitors, and meet the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Joint Commission regulations

$201,000 – Ka‘u Hospital Renovations, Hawaii Island – Repairs to address items discovered during renovations of the roof, doors, windows, and air filtration and cooling systems, and hazardous material abatement; addresses repairs before additional renovations begin at the location

$199,000 – Ka‘u Hospital Pluming Upgrades, Hawaii Island – Most of the pipes are more than 40 years old and require frequent repairs; in June, the hospital septic tanks were found to be corroding and posing a potential hazard to the integrity of the wastewater system; funds are needed to finance the engineering assessment and repair the system; the remainder of the funds will be used to design the plumbing upgrade within the facility

$75,000 – Ka‘u Hospital Energy Audit, Hawaii Island – Determine cost-efficient ways to reduce energy usage and install energy-saving equipment such as variable frequency drives, controlling devices or programs, or modifying existing systems

$50,000 – Lanai Community Hospital Emergency Generator Replacement, Lanai – Transfer of Maui Memorial Medical Center’s generator that is no longer needed at the facility

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