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Wagner: Open letter to legislators on Sen. Solomon and energy

Open letter by Ed Wagner

Senators & Representatives,

I must commend Senator Malama Solomon for her courage for continuing to “tell it like it is”, as she did on January 29, 2013. She needs to be voted back into office, not a HECO supporter who will follow every command that HECO gives to the legislature and the Governor, like the rest of you continue to do. Some of you need to go!

“What happened in Hawaii Stays in Hawaii” is no longer true. More and more mainland news outlets are covering our energy crisis, your inability to pass appropriate laws to deal with it, and our incompetent utility monopoly’s abuse of power to control you, the legislative process, and to stonewall geothermal, solar, and OTEC development to protect its profits at all costs to our economy. our people, our planet, and our national security.

When are you going to wake up, remove the blinders, repeal its non-exclusive franchise for its constant violations of same, and convert it to secure, reliable, public power like the people want and what you have talked about doing for 30 years now? Why are you so unsupportive of the people who elected you to serve them, and so unsupportive of our national security when we all know that the utility monopoly is a serious threat to that security?

I will continue to feed Renewable Energy World and other national news, including 60 Minutes and CBS News, information as it develops. You are not getting off the hook so easily. 60 Minutes and CBS News received well over 100 messages this week from ratepayers all across the state. They are watching your every move.


Ed Wagner
Mililani, HI

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