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Hunting bills introduced in House


A package of five bills aimed at recognizing the impact of hunting on Hawaii’s outdoor heritage and focusing on ways to help strengthen and improve hunting activities have been filed in the House of Representatives by Rep. Cindy Evans (North Kona, North Kohala, South Kohala).

“Hunting is both a subsistence and recreational activity that has long been an integral part of our national and state cultures,” said Evans, who chairs the House Committee on Water and Land. “Many hunters do so to feed their families. Hunting is a part of our heritage and an activity passed on from generation to generation.

“In addition, hunters are a critical part of our fish and wildlife management. They are on the ground and are our eyes and ears. As conservationists, hunters are an important part of how we manage our land. The wildlife compact bill, for one, will enable Hawaii to share information with other jurisdictions so we can protect our lands.”

The five bills reflect the outdoor heritage of Hawaii and will have a positive impact on the quality of life on all islands. In brief, the bills relate to:

* Hunting Licenses

Establishes a lifetime hunting license for disabled veterans who meet certain qualifications or veterans who are recipients of a Purple Heart.

* Hunting

Requires the DLNR to issue Hawaii hunting participant permits authorizing children to hunt under direct supervision of an adult.

* Relating to Outdoor Heritage

Designates September as “Outdoor Heritage Month” to celebrate Hawaii’s natural environment and recreational activities.

* Wildlife

Authorizes BLNR to enter into a memoranda of understanding, agreement or mutual aid compact with other states and jurisdictions for the mutual enforcement of hunting, fishing and other wildlife laws, including the wildlife violators compact. Requires BLNR to enter into the wildlife violators compact and adopt necessary rules.

* Hunting

Prohibits any net reduction of public hunting area on each island. Requires the DLNR to make comparable land available for hunting upon making land unavailable for hunting. Requires the DLNR to submit an annual report.

The public can participate in legislative discussions and follow the progress of the bills at:

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