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Hawaii Nui and Mehana Brewery get new owner

Hawaii Nui and Mehana Brewery in Hilo. Photography by Baron Sekiya | Hawaii 24/7

Hawaii Nui and Mehana Brewery in Hilo. Photography by Baron Sekiya | Hawaii 24/7


DeMare Enterprises Inc., a Hawaii corporation, has completed the purchase of the Hawaii Nui and Mehana Brewery located in Hilo, Hawaii. Established at 275 East Kawili Street, the Hawaii Nui and Mehana Brewery has been a proud member of the local Hilo community for many years. Paul DeMare, MD, Owner and President of DeMare Enterprises will oversee the transition to the new ownership.

While awaiting a new “Brewers Permit” from the Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Bureau, the brewery will be closed on January 1, 2014. This planned closing coincides with the brewery’s primary initiatives to remodel the existing space, provide additional industry training for its employees, upgrade existing equipment and install new packaging equipment. Brewery operations will benefit from improved processes resulting in greater efficiencies and increased capacity, our employees will benefit with additional knowledge and our customers will benefit from a consistent and flavorful product of the highest quality. Along with these initiatives new state of the art canning equipment will be installed.

As of March 2014 all of the Hawaii Nui and Mehana Brands will be packaged on site in aluminum cans. Our cans are manufactured in Kapolei, Hawaii. Our high quality premium craft beer is brewed exclusively in Hilo using the pristine waters from the Waiakea Watershed on the slopes of Mauna Loa. Our brewing process and packaging processes always look first to Hawaii for fulfilling our needs. Hawaii Nui and Mehana Brands belong to the Big Island. Hilo is our hometown.

During this period the very popular Tasting Room and gift shop, located at the Brewery, will also be closed. The Tasting Room, which offers free samples, will also be upgraded and the brewery is planning to offer mini-tours once we reopen. Brewery improvements are expected to be completed in late February, early March 2014.

Distribution of Hawaii Nui and Mehana Brands is in the very capable hands of Johnson Brothers of Hawaii. They will be representing our Brands on all islands for both On premise and Off Premise accounts. Their expertise in the field of distribution and their product knowledge of our Brands will ensure that our customers have the most up to date service and information regarding brewery offerings.

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