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Parker debate team brings home two trophies


The Parker School debate team traveled to the Nov. 16 St. Louis School Non-Qualifying Debate Tournament on Oahu and brought home two sweepstakes trophies: one for the largest number of ballots won — 88 ballots to second place Iolani School’s 55 ballots; and one for the highest percentage of wins — 67 percent to second place Iolani’s 65 percent.

This was the second straight sweepstakes win for number of ballots won (they also won that trophy at the Oct. 12 University Lab Non-Qualifying Debate Tournament) and the first time in Parker School’s history that they swept both sweepstakes awards at one tournament.

The top Parker performances at the tournament were as follows: In Beginning Public Forum Debate, Brianna Bellatti and Sarah Bellatti scored 6-0 and Hunter Weigle and Hiwa Thompson scored 5-1; in Advanced Public Forum Debate, Michael Note and Maia Tarnas earned 5-1 and Luke Potter and Jaren Ashcraft, 5-1; In Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Dash Cotton scored 5-1 and Sophie Dommer, 5-1; in Championship Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Lysha Matsunobu won 6-0, Sivan Najita, 6-0, and Carrie Hiller, 5-1.

Parker headmaster and debate coach Carl Sturges said, “It was very exciting to see all our students perform at such a high level. They worked extremely hard to prepare themselves for the competition, and it’s wonderful to have their efforts pay off so handsomely.”

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