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Residents recycle more than 150 million lbs. refuse


Celebrate Nov. 15 — Hawaii Recycles Day

The county Department of Environmental Management says “Mahalo and Congratulations” to all the residents and businesses of the County of Hawaii.

Last year, residents helped achieve a recycling rate of 34 percent and recycled more than 150 million pounds

The county continues to work steadily toward the state goal of 50 percent recycling and the long-term goal of zero waste.

County of Hawaii Reuses or Recycles:

* HI5 beverage containers in glass, plastic and aluminum

* Greenwaste like yard trimmings and untreated wood pallets

* Paper products like cardboard, newspapers, magazines and office paper

* Scrap metal like cars, appliances and roofing

* Plastic containers from milk, shampoo and other products

* Glass containers like pickle jars and wine bottles

* Metal food cans from tuna cans to cat food

* Electronics like computers, televisions and monitors

* Used motor oil

County Recycling and Transfer Stations:

Most island residents haul their recycling and rubbish to one of the County’s convenient 19 Recycling and Transfer Stations that offer 2-Bin Recycling for paper, plastic, metals & glass. HI-5 beverage container redemption is available at 10 locations, Reuse Centers at six locations and Electronics Recycling at four locations.

Some locations also have bins for recycling of greenwaste, appliances & scrap metal. The County has plans to expand and improve rubbish and recycling services in 2014.

Reuse Centers:

Many usable goods are often discarded as rubbish because residents may not realize their value, do not want to take the time to sell or donate the items or are in a hurry to move. To help reduce waste and keep these reusable items from needlessly being dumped in our landfills, Reuse Centers that accept items and offer affordable purchases are available at Recycling and Transfer Stations in Keaau, Pahoa, Keauhou, Waimea and Hawi. A Reuse Center in Kealakehe opened in 2013 and one in Hilo is planned for 2014.

What happens to the materials that are recycled?

Greenwaste and pallets are processed into mulch and used on island. The 2-Bin Recycling materials like paper, plastic and glass are collected by a local recycler and hauled to a permitted recycling facility for further sorting and processing.

Due to the lack of manufacturers in the state, most of the recycled materials are shipped to a recycling facility for additional processing. Most of the glass is made into new glass bottles. Some glass is crushed and used locally for landscaping or glasscrete.

Other materials are sold directly to manufacturing plants to make new products. Using recycled materials replaces the need to extract raw materials and reduces the negative impacts on the environment.

For more information, contact Linda Peters, Recycling Coordinator, or 961-8942.

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