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Parker announces new scholarship for middle school students


Parker School is pleased to announce a new scholarship program for students applying to grades 6, 7 and 8 for the 2014-2015 academic year. A total of four Ulu Pono Scholarships of $8,500 will be awarded.

Three are designated for new incoming students and one is designated for a returning Parker student. The $8,500 award will renew each year of the recipient’s Parker School career, provided the student maintains appropriate academic and behavioral standing.

To qualify for the Ulu Pono Scholarship, applicants must demonstrate financial need, academic promise, strong character, and passion for an area of interest.

For prospective students, admissions, financial aid and scholarship applications are due by January 31, 2014. For returning Parker School students, the deadline for financial aid and scholarships applications is Jan. 13, 2014.

The Hawaiian phrase ulu pono was chosen for this scholarship as it can be interpreted to mean “grow well; right or proper growth.” In this case, it also implies the responsibility that the school and student share in cultivating the student’s academic and personal success.

Admissions Director Emily Pagliaro said, “The social, academic and organizational skills that students develop in our middle school program are invaluable. When students master those skills—in a caring and engaging environment—they gain confidence to pursue their passions inside and outside the classroom. They enter high school prepared for the rigors of our college-preparatory curriculum. Our hope is that the Ulu Pono Scholarships will make Parker’s middle school experience accessible to more families in our community.”

The Ulu Pono Scholarship coincides with the expansion of Parker’s middle school program. The school will move from having one to two sections of each middle school grade next school year, which will allow for even smaller class sizes and more electives available for students.

“Now that we’ve made the decision to go to two sections in each middle school grade, the Ulu Pono Scholarships will help us to fill these new places with motivated and creative students,” said Parker School Headmaster Carl Sturges.

Middle School Coordinator Tina Doherty is excited about the new developments in the middle school. “Our program has never been stronger –with our one-to-one iPad learning program, challenging academics, differentiated math and Spanish classes, integrated school garden, athletics, performing arts, electives, leadership opportunities, the list goes on,” she said. “It’s just a great time to be part of this expanding program. I want families to know that a Parker School education is within reach.”

Doherty also mentioned that the middle schoolers are enjoying enhanced facilities this year, with a new locker room as well as a new large deck joining the middle school buildings. She said that the deck has proven to be “a great gathering space” during breaks in the day as well as a fun place to hold dances and other middle school social activities. Weather permitting, some teachers also use the deck as an outdoor classroom (made easier with the use of iPads).

Families interested in learning more about Parker’s middle school program and/or the Ulu Pono Scholarship are welcome and encouraged to attend the school’s open house 9-11 a.m. Nov. 16.

For more information, call Parker School Admissions Director Emily Pagliaro at 808-885-7933 ext. 7107 or email epagliaro@parkerschoolhawaii.o….

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