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Hawaii Horse Expo hosts series of equine clinics


To support its goal of equine continuing education Hawaii Island Humane Society’s Hawaii Horse Expo will begin a series of clinics under the direction of noted equine behaviorist and trainer Charles Wilhelm.

Beginning Nov. 10 and continuing into the New Year, clinics will cover a wide variety of topics and allow participants to improve upon familiar skills and learn new ones. Clinics will be small and intimate in size with each participant interacting with a horse for hands-on learning.

The progressive objective of the clinics is to establish strong communication skills for the horse handler, which in turn enhances the relationship. When a handler better understands a horse’s nature the horse works with rather than against its handler.

Wilhelm’s first clinic on Nov. 10, Tough Love, will cover ground handling and manners. Subsequent clinics will cover foal training, colt starting, introducing the saddle, first rides, the use of training devices, basic riding techniques and exercises, and advanced training.

Clinics will be held at Circle J Horse Sanctuary in Waimea. Participants may bring their own horse or they may work with a horse rehabilitated through Hawaii Island Humane Society’s Horse Rescue Fund.

A portion of each participant’s $200 registration fee, which includes lunch, will be donated to the Horse Rescue Fund and as such is tax deductible. The Nov. 10 clinic runs 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Wilhelm believes that “It is never, ever the horse’s fault.”

Wilhelm has appeared as a featured clinician at Hawaii Horse Expo 2012 and 2013. Internationally known as America’s most respected horse trainer, Wilhelm is the creator of Ultimate Foundation Training, training techniques that combine the best of traditional, classical and natural horsemanship.

Wilhelm is one of only a few trainers specializing in re-schooling horses with severe issues. His extensive background of more than 40 years of training makes him the ideal person to work with many of the horses rescued by Hawaii Island Humane Society.

Wilhelm has been commuting between California and Hawaii on a regular basis to work with some of these damaged horses and has been graciously volunteering his time to do so. Many horses once deemed unadoptable are showing hopeful progress and becoming rehabilitated.

Wilhelm can be seen weekly on HRTV on Dish TV. He has been featured in several editorial stories in Horse Illustrated and Horse & Rider Magazine. He also writes monthly columns for a number of local and national magazines. His books “Building Your Dream Horse” and “Starting Baby Jaz” have sustained their popularity over the years.

The Wilhelm training facility is in Castro Valley, California. Wilhelm typically has 35 horses in training and has worked with thousands of horses in his lifetime from starting colts to rescues, rehabs and problem horses. His training program includes working closely with veterinarians, farriers and chiropractors as well as providing superb nutrition.

For further information and registration for Hawaii Horse Expo’s Equine Clinics, call 887-2301 or

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