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Neighbor isles expected to lead job growth through 2020


The state Department of Labor and Industrial Relations has announced the release of several publications – Employment Projections for Industries and Occupations, 2010-2020 for Honolulu MSA, Hawaii County, Maui County, and Kauai County.

DLIR’s Research and Statistics Office produces the series, which provides long-term industry and occupational projections.

Industry Projections

Positive industry growth is projected for all of the counties from 2010 to 2020. Kauai County, with a forecasted expansion rate of 15.4% over the 10-year period, will increase the fastest, followed by Maui County at 15.1%, Hawaii County with growth of 14.8%, and Honolulu with a modest expansion rate of 10.5%.

However, with an expected gain of 49,970 jobs from 2010 to 2020, Honolulu will account for nearly two-thirds of the total statewide increase in jobs.

Education and Health services (21%) together with jobs connected to tourism (15%) will contribute significantly to the total number of positions added during the projection period.

The construction industry will provide the largest percentage gain in all counties, gaining near 3% on an annual basis, with the exception of Kauai County, which will experience the biggest boost in the manufacturing industry at 3.7% annually.

Government, Manufacturing, Information and Natural Resources & Mining are among the industries forecasted to see the most anemic growth statewide.

Occupational Projections

All 12 of the major occupational groups in all counties are forecasted to expand through 2020, with the exception of a slight decline in the Farming, Fishing and Forestry occupations in Maui County.

Construction and extraction occupations will lead the way with the highest anticipated growth rates in Honolulu (19.5%) and Hawaii County (23.2%), while growth in transportation and material moving occupations are expected to outpace all occupational groups in Maui County (24%) and Kauai County (23.9%).

Service occupations, which comprise the largest segment of the workforce, will generate the biggest numerical job increase, mainly attributable to the continued strength of the tourism market throughout all of the counties.

Not surprisingly, due to the large size of the service occupational group, this sector is also predicted to generate the most total annual openings which includes growth opportunities as well as replacement needs.

Office and administrative support occupations and sales and related occupations will also produce a significant number of job openings.

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