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Cabanilla to serve as Majority Floor Leader


Rep. Rida Cabanilla (Ocean Pointe, West Loch, Ewa Gentry, Ewa Villages, Ewa Beach), in her 10th year of service in the House of Representatives, has been selected as the new Majority Floor Leader.

She joins the House leadership team during an important time before the Oct. 28 special session.

Previously, she served as the Chair of the Committee on Housing and the Committee on International Affairs.

Admired for her honesty, diligence and directness on the issues, Cabanilla is one of two women in the Majority leadership.

Her institutional knowledge from years of service and leadership skills as a career Lieutenant Colonel Army Officer, Registered Nurse and business woman will be significant assets to the State House.

As the Chair of the Housing Committee, Rep. Cabanilla facilitated and passed many beneficial measures, including public housing reforms, affordable rentals and the availability of senior housing. She was also instrumental in numerous appropriations for her district.

“The confidence of my colleagues in my selection as Floor Leader is inspiring and I will continue to collaborate and work hard to serve the best interests of my constituents and the State of Hawaii,” Cabanilla said.

For additional inquiries, please contact the Office of Cabanilla at 586-6080 or by email at Repcabanilla@capitol.hawaii.go….

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