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Hawaiian Home Commission hears CNHA testimony


The Hawaiian Homes Commission welcomed testimony Monday in Kona by the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement (CNHA) on suggestions to address concerns raised by a State Auditor’s report earlier this year.

“We appreciate the time and effort invested by CNHA and conference participants in helping us better serve our native Hawaiian beneficiaries,” said Jobie Masagatani, Chair of the Hawaiian Homes Commission and Director of DHHL. “The Department has already undertaken some of the suggestions presented, but there are others that warrant further discussion.”

The roundtable recommendations focused on loss mitigation options to address DHHL’s high loan delinquency rate, a challenge highlighted in the state audit.

Options suggested by CNHA include forbearance, where the lender allows reduced or suspended payments for a short period of time, and modification options, which include adding missed payments to the existing loan balance, changing interest rates, or extending the number of years of loan repayment.

The feedback presented is a result of CNHA’s roundtable discussions from its annual convention. Feedback from the convention as well as those being submitted by other beneficiary organizations will be helpful in assisting the Department in better serving native Hawaiian beneficiaries.

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