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Schatz: Congress must review facts on Syria


Sen. Brian Schatz has issued the following statement regarding Congressional consultation on military action in Syria:

“President Obama has taken the proper step in announcing that he will seek Congressional authorization before taking military action. Congress must weigh in. And this decision should spur an important debate, allowing us to review the facts. Most importantly, this assures the country that the gravity of taking military action is weighed fully before decisions are made. I will continue to participate in briefings with the President’s senior national security advisors and reviewing relevant intelligence in order to give this decision the serious consideration it deserves.”

Previously, Schatz released the following statement on the situation in Syria:

“The President and his National Security team have provided strong evidence that the Assad regime is responsible for the recent horrific chemical weapons attack against innocent Syrian civilians. We must send a clear message that the use of chemical weapons is abhorrent and will not be tolerated by the United States or the international community. It is important that whatever actions the United States takes in Syria are consistent with America’s long-term strategic interests and are done with as broad an international coalition as possible. I know that the President, his National Security team, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are thinking carefully about their options in the coming days. The War Powers Act provides procedures for Congress and the President to participate in decisions to send U.S. Armed Forces into hostilities, and it is critically important that both the executive and legislative branches comply with the provisions of the Act which require Congressional consultation.”

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