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Rep. Coffman’s wife dies following illness

Hawaii 24/7 Staff

Rep. Denny Coffman has announced his wife, Bonnie, has died. She was 69.

Coffman issued the following statement:

This is to let you know that I lost my lifetime friend and wife of 44 years. Bonnie at the young age of 69 past away in her sleep Sunday, Aug. 11, 2013.

As most of you know, Bonnie was diagnosed with glioblastoma last October. Glioblastoma is an incurable form of brain cancer that originates in and stays in the brain. Unlike other types of cancer, glioblastoma does not create any pain.

I moved Bonnie from our home on the Big Island to Portland, Ore. on March 1 of this year at the wishes of the family. Bonnie wanted to be with our youngest daughter, Katie who was pregnant with her first child and our second grandchild. Bonnie wanted to be present for the birth.

After ending this year’s legislative session and closing escrow on our primary residence, I was able to join Bonnie and Katie on May 24. On June 28, our granddaughter Dakota was born and Bonnie was able to hold and love this newest member of our family.

Bonnie’s healthcare in Portland was excellent. As a member of Kaiser Permanente, she was placed under their Hospice Program in April and received constant attention to insure that she was comfortable and would not experience any pain.

As Bonnie’s caregivers, Kaiser Hospice provided Katie and I with the tools and support we needed during this transition of life.

Bonnie will be cremated in Portland and her ashes will be interred in a niche near her parents at the El Camino Cemetery in Chula Vista, Calif.

The family will hold celebrations of her life at several locations in the near future.

If you wish to contact me, call my office at 808-586-9605; my office manager can relay any message.

Denny Coffman

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