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Schatz meets with Obama on economy

President Obama and Senator Brian Schatz at the White House. (Photo courtesy of Sen. Schatz’ Office)


Sen. Brian Schatz met with President Barack Obama and Senate Democrats July 31 to discuss the president’s economic vision of creating middle-class jobs, passing immigration reform in the House, and fixing the voting rights act, among other issues.

“Today’s meeting with President Obama focused on strengthening our middle-class by providing economic opportunity for working families across the country and simplifying the tax code for our businesses,” Schatz said. “I agree with President Obama that we need to grow our economy from the middle out and not the top down, and the only way to do this is to get rid of the sequester and negotiate a budget that will protect working families in Hawaii. It’s time that Congress stop playing political games with important issues like gun safety, social security, our deficit, and immigration reform, and start addressing these important issues. I will continue to work with President Obama and my colleagues in the Senate to find real solutions to the problems facing our country and Hawaii.”

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