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Puna man arrested for commercial promotion of marijuana


Edward Fuhrmann

Edward Fuhrmann

A Puna man has been arrested and charged in connection with a marijuana growing operation on two properties in the Hawaiian Paradise Park subdivision.

On Wednesday (July 24), police executed a search warrant at a home on H Street in Paradise Park, where they recovered 145 marijuana plants growing outside and in a shed that had been converted to an indoor-growing room.

They also recovered 359 grams of dried marijuana from the shed and 13.32 pounds of dried processed marijuana packaged in 28 plastic bags from inside the house.

Police arrested the resident, 44-year-old Edward Fuhrmann, at 1:25 p.m. They later recovered 45 additional plants growing on a vacant lot on 8th Avenue.

At 8:15 p.m., detectives from the Area I Vice Section charged Fuhrmann with two counts of first-degree promotion of marijuana , one count of attempted first-degree promotion of marijuana and three counts of possessing drug paraphernalia.

His bail was set at $36,000.

He was released from the Hilo police cellblock after posting bail.

One Response to “Puna man arrested for commercial promotion of marijuana”

  1. BadExampleMan says:

    How much longer?

    How many more lives ruined? How much more money wasted on police, courts, jails, prisons? How many more of our tax dollars wasted in a futile quest to stop people from doing what they have done for as long as there have been people, which is to enjoy intoxication?

    How long before the message that marijuana is safer than any of its legal rivals sinks in? How long before we can publicly discuss what so many law enforcement officers admit privately: the drug war is a massive failure, and completely counterproductive to the goals of keeping drugs away from kids and helping addicts recover?

    How long before we accept that part of freedom is the freedom to allow others to do things that we don’t approve of?

    How much longer?


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