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KVBID revised strategic planning takes shape


Since its 2007 inception Kailua Village Business Improvement District (KVBID) has worked collaboratively with business, government and area residents to develop and implement creative solutions to improve the cleanliness, attractiveness, community and economic vibrancy of Historic Kailua Village.

In June, a yearlong process culminated with KVBID Board’s adoption of an updated five-year Strategic Plan.

Initiatives outline the core fundamentals and operations of KVBID while the organization looks to meet the growing demands of various stakeholders and seek new opportunities to improve the vitality of the district.

“A lot of hard work and insight has gone into this strategic plan,” said Michele Otake, development manager, Queen Liliuokalani Trust and KVBID board member. “I join everyone on the strategic planning committee in extending thanks to the KVBID board of directors and its board committee chairs as we worked through the process.”

Strategic initiatives in the new five year plan include Clean Team and Aloha Ambassadors, Public Realm, Economic Development, Branding & Public Relations, Community Events, and Parks and Open Space.

Short and long term objectives are prioritized within the scope of each strategic initiative and the KVBID board committees serving as champions behind each initiative are recognized.

Preliminary funding sources for each objective have been identified.

The next step for KVBID’s strategic planning committee will determine budgeting and the timeline for seeking other sources of major funding including grants and County of Hawaii Capital Improvement Project funds.

The mission of the Kailua Village Business Improvement District is to make Kailua Village a model sustainable community that is a better place to invest, work, live and play.

KVBID is working cooperatively to improve and maintain the physical appearance and aesthetics of public right of ways, open space and parks, increase cleanliness and security, and attract long term sustainable business and community activity in Kailua Village.

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