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Procedures for registering firearms


As an ongoing safety measure, the Hawaii Police Department reminds persons registering firearms to adhere to the following procedures:

Before coming to the police station (at home or at the gun dealer’s establishment):

* Unload your firearm. Transporting a loaded firearm is against the law.

* Prepare your firearm by having it “open” and visually safe (bolt removed; clip removed and slide in open position; cylinder removed or in open position etc.)

* Transport your firearms in an enclosed container. It is the law.

* Do not enter the building with any kind of ammunition in your possession.

Be advised that if the firearm is not “open” and visually safe for inspection prior to coming into the station, we will not be able to register it.

You may be asked to leave with your firearm and return during the next working day or next available appointment.

If for any reason you bring a loaded firearm or a firearm and ammunition into the police station, you may be subject to arrest. If you are unsure about procedure, secure your firearm and ask for assistance.

For any other assistance, call the nearest station that handles firearms:


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