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Tsutsui signs several bills into law

(Photo courtesy of Office of Lt. Gov. Shan Tsutsui)

(Photo courtesy of Office of Lt. Gov. Shan Tsutsui)


In his first bill singing ceremony Tuesday, Acting Governor Shan Tsutsui signed several measures passed by the 2013 Hawaii State Legislature.

Regarding House Bill 858, relating to the HI Growth Initiative, and Senate Bill 1349, relating to economic development, Acting Governor Shan Tsutsui said, “Both measures foster innovation while reinvigorating our economy. They also provide opportunities for challenging, high paying jobs so that it enables us to keep our local talent at home.”

* House Bill 858 appropriates funds to the Hawaii Strategic Development Corporation for the HI Growth Initiative. The initiative is an investment program to develop an ecosystem to support high-growth entrepreneurial companies in the State.

* Senate Bill 1349 reenacts the tax credit for qualified research activities for six years.

Regarding Senate Bill 1221, relating to higher education, and House Bill 417, relating to Hawaii Health Systems Corporation, Tsutsui said, “These investments in higher education create a pipeline that addresses the future needs in the aeronautical and health industries. They will also enhance the higher education opportunities in Hilo and Hawaii.”

* Senate Bill 1221 appropriates funds for the development of an international flight training center at the University of Hawaii at Hilo and Hawaii Community College.

* House Bill 417 addresses the primary care physician shortage by appropriating funds for the interdisciplinary Hawaii Health Systems Corporation Primary Care Training Program at Hilo Medical Center.

Regarding House Bill 1396, relating to the Japanese American Experience in Hawaii, Tsutsui said, “The establishment of a Nisei Veterans Legacy Center will preserve the history of the Japanese-American’s unique role in World War II. It will be a place where future generations can go to gain a deep understanding of the story and proud legacy of Hawaii’s Nisei soldiers.”

* House Bill 1396 appropriates funds for the planning and design of the Nisei Veterans Legacy Center in West Oahu.

* Senate Bill 1256 was also signed into law. It appropriates funds for the Pacific International Space Center to help bring aerospace technology and corporations to Hawaii, to expand and diversify the Hawaii-based industry, and to provide the training relevant to prepare Hawaii’s workforce for employment in technology-related fields.

Tsutsui is serving as acting governor July 9-12 while Gov. Neil Abercrombie is in Taiwan.

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