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Hualalai Academy-HMSA KAIMANA Award winner


Hualalai Academy recently won the 2012-2013 Kaimana Award as the best athletics program of the 20 private, charter, and public schools in Division II (< 600 students) of the BIIF. This will be their third year winning this award.

The HMSA Kaimana Awards recognize Hawaii high schools whose student athletes excel both on and off the field. All high schools participating with Hawaii’s five interscholastic leagues are eligible for an HMSA Kaimana Award.

Schools earn points for their students’ athletic achievements, academic performance, sportsmanship, and service to the community.

The Kaimana Award and Scholarship Program, sponsored by HMSA, recognizes the accomplishments of and financially supports interscholastic athletics and student-athletes on every island in Hawaii. Through this program, HMSA is the largest corporate sponsor of high school athletics in the state.


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