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Governor signs two homecare bills


Governor Abercrombie signed two important homecare bills into law today. HB398 enhances the efficient provision of home and community based care service by establishing a working group to review issues relating to the transition of oversight from the Department of Human Services to the Department of Health.

HB529 supports stable environments for, and the accessible placement of residents in, adult foster homes by (1) requiring facilities to maintain liability insurance as well as automobile liability insurance for vehicles used to transport residents and (2) authorizing the Director of Health to waive the two adult limit and certify an adult foster home for three individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities.

Some of the critical issues the working group will need to address (HB398) include fair and equitable Medicaid payments for community-based care homes, the new renewal fee proposed by the Department of Health and the status of local case managers.

HB529 is a major victory for our adult foster homes by requiring insurance, increasing the number of patients in a home and extending the sunset date for substituting a Nurse Aide.

“HB398 is the most important piece of legislation passed for the homecare industry.” Vice Speaker John Mizuno who introduced the bill said. “The recommendations of the working group will determine the future of caregivers, care home operators, foster home operators, adult day care operators, case managers and family members who help provide healthcare and a home to our elderly and disabled.”


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