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Governor signs six more bills into law


Gov. Neil Abercrombie has enacted six bills relating to issues that range from regulation of Professional Employer Organizations to the Hawaii State Fire Code.

The governor released the following statements regarding these measures passed by the 2013 Hawaii State Legislature:

Regarding HB144 (Relating to Professional Employer Organizations):

“A result of collaboration involving the industry, state legislators, and this administration, HB144 represents consensus on regulating Professional Employer Organizations, or PEOs, moving forward.”

Regarding SB1077 (Relating to the Owner-Building Exemption):

“SB1077 clarifies the owner-building exemption to ensure that it is used in accordance with its intended purpose. Many owners have been learning too late the risks and responsibilities they are assuming after being advised to obtain an owner-builder permit in order to hire or contract with an unlicensed person. This bill addresses this loophole used by those who have been trying to skirt the law.”

Regarding HB668 (Relating to Health) and SB642 (Relating to Health):

“HB668 rightly frames marijuana as a health issue, and SB642 acknowledges that it is the role of competent physicians and medical personnel to decide the best course of action with regard to the use of any measure to relieve pain or advance healing.”
Regarding SB682 (Relating to Fire Protection):

“The existing fire statute hasn’t been touched in over 30 years. Since then, building occupancies and classifications have changed. This bill further empowers county fire chiefs to enforce the fire code in their counties, which improves safety throughout our state.”

Regarding SB680 (Relating to Homeland Security):

“Long-overdue, this bill modernizes state statutes regarding Civil Defense and homeland security in light of federal changes. It aligns state and federal best practices.”

Since it may take a few days for the state Legislature to post new acts on its “Acts” Webpage, the Office of the Governor provides a list of most recently signed bills as a courtesy at (click on “Recently Signed Bills”). Bills are removed from this page once they are posted on the Legislature site.

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