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Governor releases $41.2M for CIPs statewide


Spurring continued job growth and positive economic momentum, Gov. Neil Abercrombie has announced the release of more than $41.2 million for capital improvement projects (CIP) ranging from state health and agriculture facility improvements to business and information technology upgrades.

“Since taking office, this administration has released more than $1.5 billion for capital improvement projects across the state, investing in priority improvement and upgrades that will directly benefit the people of Hawaii,” Abercrombie said. “These projects are contributing to Hawaii’s improving employment and economic growth, predicted to outpace the national growth rate over the next year.”

Allotment of funds for the following priority projects, identified by members of the state Legislature, has been approved by the governor:


* $2,923,000 – Department of Health Facilities, statewide – Additional design and construction to fund reroofing and an emergency generator connection at Kamauleule Building on Maui, and reroofing and improvements at the Waimano Ridge, Building 5, on Oahu, and other miscellaneous improvements

* $2,200,000 – Kohala Hospital, Hawaii Island – Design and construction for hospital renovations, including parking lot improvements, installation of an air conditioning system, replacement of doors and windows, and fire and safety upgrades

* $1,303,000 – Department of Health (DOH) Facilities, statewide – Additional design and construction for office space and accessibility improvements at Halawa Vector Control Facility, building and site improvements at various DOH Oahu facilities (includes installation of perimeter barriers at Waimano Hale Complex to prevent vehicles from driving on the grass and behind buildings), construction of new sidewalks at Windward Health Center, and other building and site improvements

* $452,330 – Hawaii State Hospital, Oahu – Additional design and construction for the replacement of deteriorated doors and frames in 12 buildings, as well as the replacement of windows and frames in seven buildings on the property

* $173,000 – Hawaii State Hospital, Oahu – Design for the demolition of the Goddard Building; the building was built in 1950 and has not been in active use since 1990

* $149,500 – Leahi Hospital, Oahu – Completion of repair and renovation of various structures and buildings, including the lobby flooring, sewer line repairs, bathroom renovations, and various roof repairs

* $104,500 – Department of Health, Waimano Ridge Feasibility Study for Army and Air Forces Exchange Services (AAFES) Building Staff Relocation, Oahu – Additional planning funds necessary for preparation of an environmental assessment at Waimano Ridge; the AAFES building was recently transferred to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, and DOH intends to transfer 325 employees to various facilities at Waimano Ridge and the Halawa Vector facility

* $20,000 – Leahi Hospital, Oahu – Completion of remodeling of several antiquated laboratories that are no longer in use for alternate use as office space (Additional funds were requested to cover added construction costs)


* $3,600,000 – State Packing and Processing Facility, Oahu – Land acquisition to purchase agricultural lands and infrastructure owned by Castle and Cooke in Wahiawa; the Agribusiness Development Corporation (ADC) is facilitating the acquisition of a total of 24 acres of land in conjunction with the ADC’s land acquisition of the Galbraith Estate Land (This project will involve acquiring the property and retrofitting the present Dole facilities to become the processing facility for farmers in the region)

* $1,000,000 – Kamuela Vacuum Cooling Plant, Hawaii Island – Design and construction for improvements to the plant, which is a large processing facility owned by the state Department of Agriculture and operated by the Kamuela Vacuum Cooling Cooperative; improvements may include replacement of aging cooling chambers that are used to cool down and extend the shelf-life of Waimea-grown agricultural products before being shipped to market


* $3,692,200 – Statewide Financial System Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), statewide – Planning of the first phase of the ERP project that will reengineer and transform the statewide financial management processes; includes identifying the business requirements associated with a new integrated system to support the financial management activities within the state and develop the documents needed for procurement actions for an integrated financial management system

* $2,725,000 – Information Technology/Information Resource Management (IT/IRM) Transformation Project, statewide – Program management and subject matter expertise to continue the state’s Chief Information Officer’s ability to manage and oversee the multiple programs and projects associated with state business and the IT/IRM Transformation process to include the Enterprise Resources Planning program

* $1,930,500 – Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Program, statewide – Enterprise architecture services to aid in the development and deployment of ERP by capturing detailed models of the current processes, technologies, and information exchanges in the organizations and/or business areas that will interface with proposed planning and provide other support services

* $75,000 – Statewide Financial System Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), statewide – Procurement of contract services for the State of Hawaii’s new ERP solution for all organizations; the funds will be used to finalize the development of the request for proposal for the ERP system

* $75,000 – High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) Facility, Oahu – Preparation of a project development report (PDR) and miscellaneous planning tasks for a new HTDC facility; the existing lease with the University of Hawaii Manoa Innovation Center expires in April 2015, and the PDR will clarify the long-term objectives and identify the infrastructure requirements needed before proceeding with the site selection

* $65,344 – Uniform Chart of Accounts, statewide – Consultant services to work with the Uniform Chart of Accounts (UCOA) Ad Hoc Work Group to prepare a project plan incorporating critical success factors, risk and risk mitigation, and key milestones for the preparation of a UCOA structure for the State of Hawaii

Civil Defense

* $475,000 – State Civil Defense, Building 303, Oahu – Design and construction to replace/upgrade the existing air conditioning system and make accessibility improvements for Building 303 administrative office spaces; a structural assessment on Building 303 will be conducted prior to design to ensure that any improvements will be lasting and appropriate for this building

* $256,566 – State Civil Defense, Birkhimer Tunnel, Oahu – Design and construction for plumbing improvements to the restrooms for staff and visitors

Correctional Facilities
* $668,980 – Kauai Community Correctional Center, Kauai – Funding for an air conditioning system in the administration building; the current equipment is severely corroded and some of the structural supports have failed (The building provides space for the warden, secretary and case workers, and also houses 87 medium-security inmates)

* $66,720 – Maui Community Correctional Center, Maui – Additional construction funds for replacement of central boiler system


* $6,500,000 – Dams Assessments, Maintenance & Remediation, Kauai and Maui – Design and construction for various dam and reservoir maintenance and remediation improvements

* $4,573,000 – Public Libraries, statewide – Design and construction at various public libraries; improvements include roof replacement, air conditioning replacement, foundation stabilization, termite tenting, painting, and flooring

* $3,500,000 – Rockfall and Flood Mitigation, statewide – Design and construction for rockfall mitigation projects to address areas where boulders and rock outcroppings on state lands have fallen and caused damages or have a high potential for becoming dislodged and threatening public health and safety or property; includes Menehune Road and Hanapepe on Kauai and Kaluanui Stream, Wailupe Stream and Mokuleia on Oahu, as well as other areas statewide that are deemed necessary to address

* $1,500,000 – Maui County Council of the Boy Scouts of America, Maui – Capital improvement grant for repairs and improvements primarily to Camp Maluhia, the largest Boy Scout camp in Hawaii

* $1,000,000 – Mana Drag Strip, Kauai – Construction to repair the facilities on the site and remove and resurface the pavement at Kauai Raceway Park, also known as Mana Drag Strip, located on state property (The track was last resurfaced in 1972)

* $660,000 – Waiohuli Hawaiian Homesteaders Association, Inc., Maui – Capital improvement grant to complete Phase I of the Waiohuli Community Center

* $610,000 – Moanalua Gardens Foundation, Oahu – Capital improvement grant to the Moanalua Gardens Foundation for construction for road improvements to the Kamananui Valley Road in Moanalua Valley; part of the Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve, Kamananui Valley spans 3,700 acres and is classified as “restricted preservation property,” scattered with cultural artifacts and serving as a sanctuary for several endangered and rare forest bird species

* $275,000 – Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems (PISCES) Facilities, Hawaii Island – Planning and preparation for a project development report, site evaluation report, environmental assessment, and other miscellaneous planning tasks

* $260,000 – Aloha Stadium, Oahu – Planning to assess optimal usage of the stadium property and facility; project scope includes data collection and solicitation of community input

* $200,000 – Mala Boat Ramp and Loading Dock, Maui – Construction to replace existing concrete loading docks and launch ramps and construct parking lot improvements and other related improvements; total project cost is $1,109,300: $277,325 in state funds; $831,975 in federal funds

* $120,000 – Lump Sum Improvements at Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement Office/Baseyard Facilities, Maui – Replacement of roofs and flooring as well as upgrades to electrical systems at the DOCARE Maui facility

* $106,500 – Aiea Public Library, Oahu – Furniture and equipment acquisition for the new Aiea Public Library, which will serve the Aiea, Halawa, Waiau, Pearlridge, Newtown and Royal Summit communities; this new library will replace the existing library and the present library staff will be brought over for its operations

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