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Police still taking anonymous survey results this month


The public is reminded that they may participate in an anonymous Community Satisfaction Survey about the Hawaiʻi Police Department this month.

The internet survey opened May 1 and will remain open until 4 p.m. Friday, May 31. It can be accessed at

It takes about five minutes to complete and is limited to one survey per computer. Participants will be able to enter detailed comments and suggestions at the end of the survey. The respondent’s IP address will not be stored in the survey results.

The responses will be collected and compiled by an outside source. After the survey period, results will be posted on the Police Department’s website.

One Response to “Police still taking anonymous survey results this month”

  1. Lord Haw-Haw. says:


    There are numerous people highly disappointed with the Press Release of May 9th last emanating from HPD’s Chief H. Kubojiri that the police are not investigating War Crimes in Hawai’i, the statement was reflected in an erroneous article the following day here on 24/7 on May 10th last with the terse concluding sentence; “The police department is conducting no such investigation.” Why have HPD not amended this glaring inaccuracy? The community do not expect low standards in high places they anticipate that those fine officers who protect and serve will have a public relations outreach of first rate caliber for the diffusion of accuracy.

    The reality is that Detective Morimoto of Area 1, Criminal Investigation Department made it crystal clear to Attorney Kaiama that he was the investigative officer attached to the case on behalf of HPD. The serious gravity of this situation is such that Chief Kuboiri’s statement has been forwarded to the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague, Netherlands for their perusal as part of their official investigation.

    The ICC is an International Organization which is not part of the United Nations but does retain a cooperative relationship with the UN. Thanks to media suppression of this ICC investigation due predominantly to the obvious attention it draws to the U.S. Government’s belligerent occupation of the Nation of Hawai’i, few realize that a *High Alert* was issued by the fake “State” Attorney General’s Investigative Division on March 4, 2013 coincidentally the very same day that the International Criminal Court took jurisdiction in Hawai’i.

    Truth is the greatest power for good. Truth civilizes, ennobles, and purifies, readers of 24/7 and HPD Press Releases should expect nothing less!
    …….. Aloha and mahalo for taking the time to read.


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