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WCA meeting to review county sign ordinance (May 2)


Signs. You gotta love ‘em and hate ‘em…they’re essential for businesses and organizations to get the word out to potential customers, and they can sure be an eyesore and even dangerous distractions to drivers.

Hawaii County updated its sign ordinance in 2008 but in recent months, Waimea Community Association has received numerous queries about various signs around town including what seems like a very large moniker on the new as yet unopened store, as well as dozens of banners of every size and shape, sandwich boards, and “live” street-side hawkers waving signs.

There’s also a battle of banners in progress at the town’s main intersection and educating community groups about the rules has been daunting, so WCA Board has invited Hawaii County Department of Public Works, which oversees implementation and enforcement of the sign ordinance, to provide a brief update on the rules, the process for review and approval, and enforcement.

Kelly Wilson, county Public Works Building Division Plans Examiner, will lead the discussion and address some specific concerns brought forward by the community including building signage, banners, sandwich boards and mobile signs carried by people on public sidewalks for restaurants, check cashing, taxes, etc.

Included in the discussion will be complaint and enforcement procedures and how the ordinance must be uniformly and consistently applied to all.

WCA’s Town Meeting is 5:15 p.m. Thursday, May 2 at Waimea School Cafeteria and is open to the public.

Also on the agenda will be a discussion of West Hawaii Mediation Center’s services including foreclosure mediation as well as the many other ways this formalized process for dispute resolution is significantly benefiting many in our community by helping to create and negotiate options and craft agreements that are fair, realistic and durable.

As always, the entire community is invited to WCA Town Meetings and there are no membership dues. Starbucks will provide fresh hot coffee, and food pantry donations are requested.

Participants are urged to either bring non-perishable food items or contribute via cash or check. Checks may be payable directly to a food pantry so the donation is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

For further information, call WCA President Sherman Warner at 885-1725 or visit

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