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Matson decreasing fuel surcharge

Hawaii 24/7 Staff

Matson has announced it is decreasing fuel related surcharge for its Hawaii service by 3.5 percent, from 40 percent to 36.5 percent.

The new rate is effective Sunday, April 28.

Previously, the company reducing its surcharge from 43.5 percent to 40 percent effective March 17.

The decreases follow recent moderation in bunker fuel prices.

“We are pleased to make this second consecutive downward adjustment to our fuel surcharge, which for most customers represents a reduction in shipping costs ranging from $80 to $140 per container,” said Dave Hoppes, senior vice president.

“We have been encouraged by the recent moderation in bunker fuel prices, and remain focused on diligently exploring ways in which we can maximize fuel efficiency for our fleet,” he said.

Hoppes said while Matson has made a practice of giving 30 days notice for upward rate adjustments, it passes on downward adjustments to customers as soon as possible.

Matson last increased its fuel surcharge in October 2012 when it raised rates 4.5 percent.

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