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2013 lottery, legacy winners announced


And the results are in: Meet the 205 athletes who just learned they’ll be racing in Kona.

Almost 20 more countries were represented in this year’s IRONMAN World Championship lottery than last year, a sign of the international popularity of the sport. The diverse group was comprised of 55 percent more athletes from the Asia Pacific region and a whopping 88 percent more athletes from Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The winning athletes will compete at the IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii this October. More than half (55 out of 100) of those who earned a spot to Kona through the Legacy program are from outside the United States — 15 different countries are represented, including 15 athletes from Australia, 11 from Canada and nine from Germany.

About the IRONMAN Lottery Program

The IRONMAN Lottery began in 1983 thanks to the vision of IRONMAN’s founders, John and Judy Collins. The program provides athletes of all abilities the opportunity to qualify for the world’s most challenging one-day endurance event.

About the IRONMAN Legacy Program

The Legacy Program grants loyal IRONMAN competitors an opportunity to compete in Kona at least once in their lifetime. One-hundred Legacy winners are chosen every year. To be eligible for this year’s selection, athletes must have completed a minimum of 12 full-distance IRONMAN-branded races, have never started the IRONMAN World Championship, have completed at least one IRONMAN event in each of the 2011 and 2012 seasons and be registered for an IRONMAN event in 2013.

About the Physically Challenged Lottery Program:

Five names are drawn from the total applicants applying in the Physically Challenged categories, which include: Lower Extremity, Wheelchair One and Two, Upper Extremity and Visually Impaired. (Handcycle athletes have a separate qualifying procedure.

Lottery Winners
Name Age State Country
Paul Hackett 44 QLD AU
 David Yang 29 UT US
 Pertti Tomminen 56 Intl State SE
 Cregg Nicol 44 AB CA
 Dan Bennett 43 CA US
 Bishop Leatherbury 61 GA US
 Fernando Carvalho 44 Intl State BR
 Tom Trill 42 CA US
 Glenn Rossitter 44 ON CA
 Andrew McMurray 46 NY US
 George Barth 51 MA US
 Frank Fiorello 51 NY US
 Lance Carter-Rodolph 43 WA US
 Matthew Phillips 45 IL US
 Linda Goeckner 30 CA US
 Shannon Ouellette 44 AB CA
 Jay Lakamp 56 OR US
 Dirk Sauer 47 Intl State DE
 Rich Simmons 39 ON CA
 Dirk Zager 55 Intl State DE
 Michael Haseldine 39 Intl State AE
 Arnaud Winter 44 FL US
 Beth Bluestein 44 GA US
 Curt Biddulph 45 CA US
 Mark Raymond 33 BC CA
 Hiroshi Matsumura 39 Osaka JP
 Jim Charapich 53 VA US
 Bob Zinkel 45 WI US
 Hugo Zelaya 37 TX US
 Takashi Shima 75 Intl State JP
 Rob Seaver 54 HI US
 Mark Conklin 50 Somerset GB
 Richard McLellan 41 FL US
 Shawn Toenyes 43 FL US
 Abdulla Al Shamlan 25 Intl State BH
 Warren Fraser 49 QLD AU
 Kyle Yurchak 33 WA US
 John Frasca 54 MA US
 Jodie Hein 42 NJ US
 Bill Best 54 ON CA
 Terry Szucsko 44 CA US
 Sebastian Bartel 38 Intl State DE
 Douglas Thompson 46 NC US
 Maik Graf 43 Intl State DE
 Maximiliano Gonzalez 43 Intl State MX
 Ly Phan 40 TX US
 Bryan Ogle 46 CA US
 Scott Sinatra 47 CA US
 Daniel Elsener 41 ZG CH
 Juergen Hilberath 47 Intl State DE
 Michael Pear 47 Intl State SG
 Dmitry Iakovlev 44 Intl State RU
 William Lane 52 PA US
 Nicole Swift 46 FL US
 Lucas Cabanillas 47 Intl State AR
 Kristian Fesel 40 Gauteng ZA
 Ernest Fisco 48 CA US
 Patricia Ball 45 NY US
 Michi Hange 49 Intl State DE
 David Desser 45 IL US
 Daniel Robins 34 NSW AU
 Steve Bryant 56 TX US
 David Emri 41 BC CA
 Mark Anderson 39 CA US
 Mike Bowers 54 TX US
 John Lewis 31 Intl State DE
 Philip Carroll 58 OK US
 Niel Beggy 45 MD US
 Corey McKenna 43 ID US
 Tony High 48 NSW AU
 David Stoll 53 CO US
 Paul Heyes 52 WA AU
 Albert Lichtenstern 35 Intl State DE
 Tim Suttles 36 NC US
 Daniel Aamodt 42 UT US
 Shane Bamford 34 VIC AU
 John Wright 37 UT US
 Timothy Suter 45 IL US
 Charles Keller 49 SK CA
 R. James McNaughton 37 ON CA
 Randall McCafferty 47 TX US
 Gus Ellison 38 CT US
 Carlos Lopez 36 VERACRUZ MX
 Allan Shields 41 FL US
 Peter Simms 36 TX US
 Heather Brien 36 CA US
 Christopher Gair 52 Intl State GB
 Blair Heath 46 FL US
 Ben Peresson 40 Intl State GB
 Christopher Mandelaris 41 TX US
 Tony Tapsall 41 Taiwan TW
 Jim Murphy Jr. 39 OH US
 Darwin Garces 38 FL US
 Ursula Chwalisz 54 Hessen DE
 Martin Spitznagel 35 Intl State AT
 Chris Phenicie 41 TX US
 Michael Young 42 TX US
 Joel Hughes 44 VA US
 Ronnie Martin 52 ON CA
 Tony Suters 57 NSW AU
Legacy Winners
Jerry Bartolome 40 HI US
 Greg Alverson 51 OH US
 Jose Carlos Barbagli 55 Intl State BR
 Detlef Bark 48 Intl State CH
 Kevin Becker 49 QC CA
 Chuck Billingsley 56 VA US
 Michael Bond 45 IL US
 Mick Bray 47 WA AU
 Andre Buteau 53 QC CA
 Katherine Calder-Becker 49 QC CA
 Mark Campbell 45 NS CA
 Luiz Cassemiro 55 Intl State BR
 Cecil Cheves 64 GA US
 Roland Cochinard 50 FR FR
 Troy Cundari 52 CA US
 Jack Daly 64 CA US
 Cam Dawes 44 BC CA
 Michael DeLang 53 GA US
 Richard Donnelly 50 NY US
 Oliver Dorigo 50 CA US
 Kent Dredge 47 SA AU
 Robert Dunbar 56 VIC AU
 Michael Dybala 38 QC CA
 Paul Eisenhuth 58 NSW AU
 Eddie Elsner 45 AZ US
 Michael Fawcett 49 VIC AU
 Forrest Fowler 57 SC US
 Federico Franchini 50 Intl State IT
 Paul Francis 57 QLD AU
 Stephen Fryirs 37 NSW AU
 Anna Fyodorova 32 NY US
 Keith Gatehouse 49 QLD AU
 Thomas Gloor 45 Intl State CH
 Carlos Gomez Espinosa 43 Intl State MX
 Gustavo Goren 52 Intl State AR
 Mark Graham 40 Intl State JP
 Michael Grier 47 OR US
 Shahin Hadian 51 TN US
 Hirofumi Hayama 55 Intl State DE
 Max Higgins 55 WA AU
 Scott Horns 42 FL US
 Kevin Houghton 39 CO US
 Richard Izzo 47 NY US
 Jim Jacko 68 OH US
 Andrew Jones 48 Intl State GB
 Lynn Karner 56 IL US
 Scott Karsen 47 ON CA
 Thomas Kilian 54 Baden DE
 Roger King 56 AUK NZ
 Dave Lampert 55 CA US
 Hubert Landry 52 QC CA
 Larry Lanza 45 WI US
 Graham Latta 57 NSW AU
 Peter Liebich 53 QLD AU
 Todd Losee 46 MI US
 Dean Luff 52 BC CA
 Bill Martin 52 CO US
 Steve McCormick 63 NY US
 Dana Merrihew 41 NE US
 Martin Merstallinger 48 Intl State AT
 Elizabeth Model 54 BC CA
 Holger Mueller 40 Intl State DE
 Jay Newey 46 OR US
 Johnathan Nielsen 45 AZ US
 Craig Olson 48 OR US
 Kunihiro Oya 43 Aichi-ken JP
 JP Julie Palmer-Schuyler 48 MO US
 Ian Pickett 48 UK GB
 Uwe Prein 57 Intl State DE
 Christopher Ratchford 41 VA US
 Lutz Richter 53 Intl State DE
 Joel Royston 54 FL US
 Jason Russell 44 CA US
 Milan Sallaba 44 Intl State CH
 Keith Sasser 49 AL US
 Christian Schoen 49 Intl State DE
 Stephan Schug 50 Intl State DE
 David Seckold 50 NSW AU
 Ed Siegal 54 MA US
 Tibor Slezak 50 NSW AU
 Jerry Stevenson 54 ID US
 Vie Thierry 56 Intl State FR
 Jason Tootell 37 VA US
 Hector Torres 35 FL US
 Jose Tuachi 56 Intl State MX
 Ricardo Urbina 34 PA US
 Wayne Vanderpool 49 NY US
 Kirk Vandeweghe 48 BC CA
 Enrico Varella 47 Intl State SG
 Isidro Villasenor 52 Intl State MX
 Victor Vuskalns 47 NJ US
 Matthew Wade 41 IL US
 christian wendenburg 41 TX US
 Peter Wheatley 57 TAS AU
 Paul Willis 51 West Midlands GB
 Craig Wilson 47 NSW AU
 Thomas Wood 47 CA US
 Arnd Zabka 45 Intl State DE
 Peter Zieris 49 Intl State DE
 Joel Zucco 63 ID US
Physically Challenged Lottery Winners
Memet Toygar 31 Intl State DE
 Jorge Cuartas 41 GA US
 Garry Jenkins 49 CA US
 James Cuizon 35 HI US
 Grande Ruben 52 Intl State MX
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