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Reminder about pets in the park policy


Managers of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park remind the public that dogs and other pets are not allowed in many areas of the park for safety reasons, and for the protection of threatened and endangered species.

According to 36 CFR § 2.15, pets are prohibited in the following areas of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park:

* All undeveloped areas of the park, including designated wilderness areas

* All trails, including backcountry trails

* All backcountry campgrounds, including Kulanaokuaiki

* Ainahou, Kipuka Nene, and all of Hilina Pali Road

Authorized service animals are permitted, but may be prohibited from certain areas if their presence is detrimental to park management programs, like nene recovery.

“During my career in national parks, I have witnessed dogs go over the sides of cliffs chasing birds, and in the past year at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, we have had incidents of dogs off leash in nēnē areas, and most recently, falling into steam cracks, all while seemingly under control of their owners,” Park Superintendent Cindy Orlando said.

“Pets are like our family, and the best way to protect them is to not expose them to the unnecessary hazards and risks prevalent in a national park,” she said.

All pets and service dogs in the park must be leashed at all times. Recently, hikers have reported being bitten by dogs off leash on park trails.

In 2012, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park law enforcement officers cited, warned and responded to 24 dog incidents in the park.

Dogs are used by the park to support ungulate control programs, and by law enforcement officers in the performance of their official duties, in accordance with federal and state laws.

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