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Farming the sun in Pohoiki, Puna

Story and Photography by Baron Sekiya | Hawaii 24/7

A new farm was blessed Saturday (March 23) in Puna but unlike farms using the soil beneath our feet it harvests the power of the sun above our heads at the Pohoiki Photovoltaic Solar Farm.

The 75 Kilowatt solar farm harvests sun power via 400 solar panels mounted on nine-foot tall structures which will also provide shade for an aquaponics system for growing vegetables along its base.

The system was designed and built by Greenpower Solutions headed by its President Raj Budhabhatti. Budhabhatti said the installation is backed by a Chinese investor in partnership with the landowner. Electricity produced from the plant is sold to HELCO under a 20 year feed-in-tariff contract. The plant will produce enough energy to supply about 25 homes in Puna. A portion of the energy profits will go to the landowner during this 20 year contract.

After the 20 year contract is up full ownership of the installation will be turned over to the landowner.

Governor Neil Abercrombie was on hand for the blessing and cited the need for alternative power sources like solar and geothermal for Hawaii.

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  1. Justin_Avery says:

    Great video, very nicely done. Mahalo

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    Well done Bhai.


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