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Gonsalves, farmers honored by Senate


(Photo courtesy of Hawaii Senate Majority)


Senators have honored Dr. Dennis Gonsalves with a Certificate of Recognition today for his work and research in the field of agriculture.

Gonsalves led a team of researchers that developed the first ringspot virus-resistant papaya in 1991, known as the Rainbow Papaya.

Before the Rainbow Papaya was released to growers in 1998, the ringspot virus had reduced Hawaii’s papaya production by 50 percent.

Gonsalves and the transgenic Rainbow Papaya he and his team developed virtually saved the Hawaii papaya industry from almost total demise.

Born and raised in Kohala, Gonsalves is an award-winning researcher who has received international recognition for his work.

The Senate also recognized farmers honored by the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation and the Hawaii Crop Improvement Association.

The farmers traveled from the mainland to share their stories about how biotechnology is helping them with real agricultural challenges to ensure a sustainable food supply.

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