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Lions Club of Kona offering $10,000 grant


The Lions Club of Kona, in partnership with The Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc. is seeking a community service-provider wishing to serve the poor and needy citizens of West Hawaii, with a grant amount of $10,000.

As facilitators of this grant award, the Lions Club of Kona wishes to solicit any interested 501c3 organization, whose mission is serving those less fortunate and residing in West Hawaii.

The Lions Club of Kona are in search of worthy projects with West Hawaii to meet our Lions International Mission, “We Serve,” spokesman Jack Vore said.

“We are looking to join with a selected organization to serve targeted populations encountering hardships here in West Hawaii,” Vore said.

As an integral part of this partnership, an additional benefit of the $10,000 grant, will be 100 community service hours donated to the organization (or a project of their choice, which serves the need of the community) by members of the Lions Club of Kona.

The club is particularly interested in supporting initiatives that address the following social concerns:

* Vision and/or hearing assistance
* Prevention of homelessness
* Health related ailment/disease prevention
* Domestic violence awareness and prevention
* Mental health support

Deadline for inquiries is April 15, 2013.

For further information or an application packet, call 322-9751.

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