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Governor releases $46.39M for projects statewide


Gov. Neil Abercrombie has announced the release of more than $46.39 million for various capital improvement projects (CIP) across Hawaii, including investments required to qualify for federal funding toward state projects.

“Many of these priority projects require matching state funds to access federal dollars, secured before sequestration, to maintain and upgrade our public infrastructure and facilities,” Abercrombie said. “These CIPs will have the added benefit of stimulating Hawaii’s economy and generating local jobs. Priority has been given to projects that can begin quickly.”

Allotment of funds for the following priority projects, identified by members of the state Legislature, has been approved by the governor:


* $14,000,000 – Public Facilities and Sites, statewide

Design and construction for various repair and alteration projects to existing State Office Buildings; projects may include roofing, other repairs and improvements.

* $3,157,000 – Wastewater Treatment Revolving Funds for Pollution Control, statewide

Transfer of general obligation bond funds to the Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund to match more than $15 million in federal funds to finance wastewater infrastructure construction projects (such as wastewater systems, storm water, and non-point source projects) across the state to attain and maintain compliance with the federal Clean Water Act

* $2,715,000 – Safe Drinking Water Revolving Fund, statewide

Transfer of general obligation bond funds to the Drinking Water Treatment Revolving Loan Fund to match more than $13 million in federal funds to finance drinking water infrastructure construction projects across the state for public water systems to attain and maintain compliance with the federal Safe Drinking Water Act

* $1,000,000 – State Parks Energy and Water Efficiency Improvements, statewide

Design and construction of renewable energy sources for state park facilities and replacement of aging energy and water systems with efficient fixtures, systems and facilities

* $1,000,000 – ADA Public Accessibility at Department of Land and Natural Resources Facilities, statewide

Design and construction to provide public accessibility at several DLNR facilities pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act; projects include the replacement of the accessible lift at Iolani Palace State Monument and an accessible route to the telephone at Heeia Kea Small Boat Harbor on Oahu, as well as an accessible parking area in the Wailoa Small Boat Harbor and an accessible loading area at Rainbow Falls State Park on Hawaii Island

Civil Defense

* $2,343,434 – Lump Sum CIP for Department of Defense (DOD) Facilities, Infrastructure and Devices, statewide

Various DOD CIP projects, such as renovation of Building 621 in Hilo, and renovation of the State Civil Defense Building 303 and road/parking resurfacing of the “Emergency Operations Center” at Fort Ruger on Oahu

* $1,250,000 – Energy Savings Improvements and Renewable Energy Projects, statewide

Design and construction for various energy savings and renewable energy improvements at Hawaii Army National Guard facilities; projects include investigating the feasibility and design of wind/solar/photovoltaic systems at the department’s armories, installing new energy efficient air conditioning equipment and digital controls at various facilities, and various other energy projects

* $450,000 – 29th Infantry Brigade Combat Team Readiness Center, Kalaeloa, Oahu

Design and construction for a Readiness Center at Kalaeloa; this project will provide office space, training rooms, storage, meeting rooms, and other National Guard Bureau required areas (DOD has completed the initial design work using federal funds; total project cost will be $33.9 million, including $33 million in federal funds and $900,000 in state funds)

* $125,000 – Building 19 restoration, Kalaeloa, Oahu

Equipment and work needed to complete installation of a fire suppression system for Building 19 (Readiness Center) for the Hawaii Army National Guard

* $50,000 – Minor Military Construction and Renovation at Army Guard Facilities, Oahu

Planning for the renovation of Building 282 at Kalaeloa


* $1,100,000 – Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital, Kauai

Design and construction to address main water pipes that have deteriorated due to age and corrosion from the salt air and have started to leak; the project will consist of removing and replacing all damaged main water piping with PVC and copper piping

* $700,000 – Lanai Community Hospital, Lanai

Design, construction and equipment to install a photovoltaic system that will generate 40 Kwh of power, which is approximately 50 percent of the daily electricity needs for the hospital (Energy savings is expected offset the cost of the installation in 7 years)

* $590,000 – Leahi Hospital, Oahu

Repairs to weathered concrete, replacement of caulking, and repainting of the exterior of the Atherton and administration buildings

* $110,000 — Leahi Hospital, Oahu

Design and construction for the removal of an incinerator stack; current equipment is no longer in use and has begun to deteriorate


* $7,000,000 – Kalihi Valley Homes, Oahu

Work to complete Phase IV site and dwelling improvements; the HPHA recently completed the full remodeling of 23 of the 42 residential buildings

* $1,900,000 – Puahala Homes, Oahu

Work to compete Phase 1B abatement and modernization of Buildings 4, 5 and 6 of the 128-unit complex, including interior renovations of the units

* $1,800,000 – Kaahumanu Homes, Oahu

Construction for complete site improvements, including spall repair, painting for 19 buildings, interior renovations, security fencing, and roadway and sidewalk improvements

* $600,000 – Hauiki Homes, Oahu

Completion of construction for site work and roof repairs, including sidewalk and stair repairs of the 46-unit public housing project in Kalihi


* $5,050,000 – Maui Veterans Cemetery, Maui

Pre-design, design and construction for expansion and improvements to the veterans cemetery

* $930,000 – Kalaupapa Settlement Improvements, Molokai

Design and construction for closure of landfills and reroofing of the store and administration buildings (two separate projects)

* $500,000 – Waianae Small Boat Harbor, Oahu

Design and construction of covered vessel storage facilities, utilities and related improvements

* $20,000 – Kaneohe Public Library, Oahu

Design and construction for replacement of the existing circulation desk and related improvements; the area will accommodate children and be compliant with ADA accessibility guidelines

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