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Grants, scholarships for water sport, volleyball athletes


Hawaii’s scholar-athletes competing in water sports and volleyball now have a new funding source for scholarships and grants – Rice!

Through a program for Hawaii charities sponsored by SunWest Foods, a portion of funds generated by the sale of its Old Style Hawaiian Rice is being donated to the Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation (ODKF) for the awarding of college scholarships and athletic grants in Hawaii.

John Hasbrook, vice president of SunWest Foods, has presented ODKF with the initial check of $2,400 resulting from the launch of the program in fourth quarter 2012.

“We’re proud to support ODKF’s mission and, by extension, the families in Hawaii that benefit from its scholarships and grants,” Hasbrook said. “We feel the benefits of our Hawaii give-back program are an ideal match for ODKF considering the Foundation’s ties to Duke Kahanamoku’s legacy and its mission to inspire Hawaii’s young people.”

ODKF President Stefan Reinke said, “We applaud SunWest Foods for their generosity in furthering our commitment to perpetuate water sports and volleyball through Hawaii’s future generations. We encourage people to buy the Old Style Hawaiian Rice knowing that they will be supporting the education of our scholar-athletes.”

Old Style Hawaiian Rice is a new, healthier brand of lightly milled brown rice that offers the nutritional value of whole grain, being rich in fiber, thiamin, niacin, and amino acids while cooking in about the same time as white rice.

Hawaii’s first rice mills used to mill the rice gently to retain more nutritional value and flavor. Old Style Hawaiian Rice brings back this traditional rice quality. Currently, it is being sold in Costco Stores but Hasbrook said it will be expanded to other retail and food service outlets.

ODKF’s college scholarships are exclusively awarded to Hawaii students competing in water sports and volleyball – “Duke Sports” – making ODKF the only program of its kind in Hawaii. Athletic grants are presented to Hawaii residents and non-profit groups.

In 2012, ODKF awarded $130,950 in scholarships and grants to 61 Hawaii athletes and nonprofit organizations.

Since its formation in 1986, ODKF has awarded $1.8 million in scholarships and grants to approximately 1,300 individuals and nonprofit groups in Hawaii – all for competing in water sports or volleyball.

The deadline to apply for ODKF’s 2013 college scholarships is March 1.

ODKF is a public nonprofit foundation whose mission is to financially support the development of individuals and organizations that perpetuate the spirit and legacy of Duke Kahanamoku, regarded as Hawaii’s greatest athlete.

Revered worldwide, Duke won six Olympic medals, including three gold medals in swimming, is known as the “Father of International Surfing,” and was honored as Hawaii’s official “Ambassador of Aloha.”

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