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Deceased elections worker Shikuma reinstated


On Dec. 31, 2012, the county reinstated Glen Shikuma, elections warehouse worker, four months after he died, according to attorney Ted Hong.

The county has now rescinded the termination of all four county employees who former County Clerk Jamae Kawauchi and former Council Chairman Dominic Yagong targeted and terminated from the county’s Office of Elections.

Hong, the attorney for three of those employees, said any doubt about whether the personnel actions taken by Kawauchi, Yagong and supported by former council has been resolved in his clients’ favor.

“Their terminations should never have happened in the first place, they were wrong and this letter confirms it,” Hong said. “In the course of these unwarranted terminations, the HGEA, the UPW and the county administration deserve the credit for looking at theirs in the right perspective and with the right intent.”

Hong continued: The Shikuma family has suffered enough, not only falsely blaming Glen for something that didn’t happen, but then persecuting him and running his name into the ground. This letter is recognition and goes a long way to restoring Glen’s good name and standing in out community. I and the Shikuma family are profoundly grateful that the county administration agreed that what happened to Glen and wrong and the situation needed to made right.”

In a letter from the county’s deputy director of Human Resources, Shikuma was suspended for seven working days, which ran Oct. 12-20, 2011.

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