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County issues $98.8M in bonds; saving $8.5M


The county has sold $98.8 million in bonds in a sale that closed Feb. 12, obtaining funding for new projects and refinancing old loans and bonds in a move that will save taxpayers about $8.5 million over the life of the bonds.

The county’s ratings were affirmed in January by all three major rating agencies: Aa2 from Moody’s, AA- from Standard & Poor’s, and AA- from Fitch.

These positive ratings, which recognize the county’s strong fiscal position and effective management, allowed the County to achieve a very favorable combined interest rate of 2.58 percent on these new bonds.

“Our county found itself in a great position – with a trio of positive ratings and the excellent market conditions for municipal bonds, we could refinance some of our pre-existing obligations for a lower cost,” Finance Director Nancy Crawford said. “The savings we realize with this bond issuance will free up resources to do more for the people of Hawaii Island.”

In addition to refinancing previous loans and bonds, $27.5 million in new money was obtained to fund projects previously authorized by the County Council.

Some of these projects include the improvements to the Edith Kanakaole Stadium in Hilo, the Laaloa Avenue Extension in Kona, and an islandwide public safety radio upgrade.

“We’re pleased that we were able to leverage our county’s strong financial position to save our taxpayers money. It is truly a credit to the hard work of our employees and our finance team for managing our resources wisely,” Mayor Billy Kenoi said. “We’re excited to have funds available to invest in projects that will upgrade our public facilities, better connect our communities, and keep our island safe.”

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