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State revokes Kona child care center license


Due to repeated non-compliance with State Licensing of Group Child Care Centers and Group Child Care Homes regulatory requirements (HAR §17-892.1), the Department of Human Services (DHS) Childcare Licensing Unit is suspending the operating license of Kids Play Corner Inc. dba Busy Buddies Hawaii in Kailua-Kona.

Suspension is effective the close of business Friday, Feb. 8, 2013. The DHS also is pursuing revocation of the facility’s license to operate a group child care center for 76 children.

Kid’s Play Corner, Inc. dba Busy Buddies Hawaii first came to DHS attention in March 2009 when a Child Welfare Services (CWS) investigation confirmed that a staff member was a perpetrator of threat of abuse to a child in care at the center.

In May 2009, the DHS issued a notice to facility owners directing them to terminate employment of the staff member who was determined unsuitable to provide child care as a condition of licensure.

The individual was specifically banned from the premises during child care hours and/or when children were present.

The DHS has confirmed the individual violated provisions in the facility’s child care license by returning to the center on multiple occasions since 2009.

Citing a continuing threat to the children’s well being, the DHS is suspending the facility license, effective the close of business Friday, Feb. 8.

The DHS Child Care Licensing Unit is responsible for ensuring the health, welfare and safety of children in the care of licensed group child care centers and group child care homes, and ensuring that they are properly maintained.

Under conditions set forth in HAR §17-892.1-4(b)(2), Kid’s Play Corner, Inc. dba Busy Buddies Hawaii has the right to file a written appeal against the licensing unit, no later than 10 working days after delivery of the license suspension letter from the DHS.

Filing a request for administrative appeal does not permit facility staff to continue to care for children.

Parents may contact the North Kona 2 Unit (Child Care Licensing Unit) at (808) 347-4755 if they have any questions. For parents who need to make alternative child care arrangements, the DHS recommends contacting the PATCH Hawaii office at (808) 322-3500 for a list of child care providers in the area.

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