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Healthcare revolution at Tutu’s House (Feb. 13)


A free opportunity to learn about the Hawaii Island healthcare revolution and what it means to you is 7-8 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 13 at Tutu’s House in Waimea, in a series of lectures offered by the Hawaii Island Beacon Community (HIBC).

Susan Hunt, CEO of Hawaii Island Beacon Community, will focus on innovations that are available now to support patients who have complex, chronic illnesses, coordinating care and sharing information across multiple health care settings, and improving communication and collaboration between hospitals and physicians.

Also on the agenda is an opportunity to experience Blue Button for Medicare. Blue Button is intended to engage seniors as more active participants in their own health care.

For instance, Blue Button can help create a personal health journal. The audience is urged to bring a smart phone or computer if they have one, and learn first-hand how it is done. The hands-on session is for anyone on Medicare or anyone assisting a Medicare recipient.

“Throughout Hawaii Island, health care providers have been changing their practices to improve the quality of health care available to us all. You have a role to play in this evolution and understanding your role can help you reap the benefits,” said Tutu’s House spokeswoman, Michelle Medeiros.

“Among the changes, you may have noticed your healthcare provider using a computer during your appointment to capture your health information in an electronic health record,” Medeiros said.

HIBC was formed in connection with a Federal grant awarded to University of Hawaii at Hilo, with a vision to improve healthcare in Hawaii County using health information technology.

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