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Final plan, EIS for protecting native ecosystems released


The National Park Service (NPS) has released a Final Plan and Environmental Impact Statement (plan/EIS) for Protecting and Restoring Native Ecosystems by Managing Non-Native Ungulates in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

The plan provides a park-wide framework to systematically guide non-native ungulate management activities in a manner that supports long-term ecosystem protection, supports natural ecosystem recovery and provides desirable conditions for active ecosystem restoration.

It also supports protection and preservation of cultural resources.

The NPS’s preferred alternative includes a progression of management phases, monitoring, and considerations for the use of management tools; a population objective of zero non-native ungulates, or as low as practicable, in managed areas; complete boundary fencing for Kahuku and Olaa rainforest; and potential use of localized internal fencing to assist in the control of non-native ungulates.

Control techniques would be primarily lethal, but non-lethal techniques could also be considered.

Volunteer programs would continue, but modifications would be required for lethal removal programs to meet current NPS practices.

After a required 30-day waiting period following release of the plan/EIS, the NPS will finalize its choice of alternative in a record of decision.

The plan/EIS is available at:…

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