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Hull: Building the campus at Palamanui

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How exciting for the UH-Hilo campus … $66 million on three separate construction projects: a new student complex; a new campus student service building for $18, million; and a new permanent Ka Haka Ula Keelikolani College of Hawaiian Language for $20 million.

I am pleased for Hilo. This project was fast tracked after Gov. Neil Abercrombie released funding in December of 2011, according to Brian Minaai, VP/UH System for Capital Improvements.

At the Jan. 9 All Campus Meeting at the University of Hawaii Center in Kealakekua, VPCC John Morton announced the $21 million low bidder on Palamanui Campus withdrew the bid and the next lowest bid is $25 million for the long-proposed Hawaii Community College-Palamanui.

We do have the funding of $7.5 million from the state bond issue and $9.7 million in private funds, but it seems like the project will be unable to proceed to break ground due to the almost $8 million needed for the $25 million bid.

At this meeting President MRC Greenwood told the attendees to contact Abercrombie and the Legislature to find the rest of the funds.

So I ask our community to renew its contacts and continue to encourage the Legislature to find the funds to begin bringing permanent higher education to West Hawaii.

Additionally, we hope the UH system might be able to help fund Palamanui if enough people in the community begin campaigning for this effort.

Jean Hull, CCE, AAC
Hawaii Community College-Palamanui
Chairwoman of ‘Equip the Kitchen at Palamanui’

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  1. waimeajim says:

    I thought that firms bidding for contracts had to post performance bonds in order to compete for the contracts?

    The company that pulled from the winning bid should have their bond forfeited and be banned from competing in future contracts.


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