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KCFA petitions for labeling law reform


Gov. Neil Abercrombie has been sent a petition asking for his support in repealing Hawaii’s 10% Coffee Blend Labeling Law (HRS 486-120.6).

One hundred fifty-three coffee farmers and coffee consumers signed the petition Jan. 25 during the Kona Coffee Farmers Association’s 6th Annual Kona Coffee Exposition.

The petition reads:

Dear Gov. Abercrombie:

This year marks the 21st year since Hawaii’s 10% Coffee Blend Labeling statute (HRS 486-120.6) became effective.

For more than two decades, Hawaii has been the only region anywhere in the world to allow the use of the name of one of its heritage/specialty crops on packages with only 10% genuine content.

This law is an embarrassment to the State of Hawaii and an economic burden to Hawaii’s coffee farmers. We ask you to take the lead in working with the Kona Coffee Farmers Association to repeal this law and restore integrity to the reputation of Hawaii- grown coffee.

Also delivered to the governor were copies of the following:

* KCFA’s policy statement on the 10% blend law: law-kcfa-position-statement-and-resolution/

* Marvin Feldman’s study entitled, “Economic Effects of Blending Kona Coffee—A Preliminary Study” content/uploads/2012/03/Economic-Efforts-of-Blending-Kona.pdf

* A reprint of the article entitled “$20,000/Year Out of Your Pocket?” from the January 2013 KCFA newsletter.

Two bills have been introduced to the 2013 state legislative session which seek reform of the 10% Coffee Blend Labeling Law:

* SB558/HB213 (companion bills introduced as part of the Hawaii State Association of Counties’ legislative package)

* HB 353 (introduced by Kailua-Kona Rep. Nicole Lowen).

For further information contact, MaryLou at 329-4035.

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