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Report: Hospitals provide $4.7B to state economy


Hospitals in Hawaii employ 16,043 people and create $4.7 billion dollars in economic activity. Nationally hospitals employ 5.5 million people and create $2 trillion dollars in economic activity.

The economic contribution of hospitals, highlighted in a new report released today by the American Hospital Association (AHA), is critical to communities.

“In addition to our primary mission of ensuring accessible and quality care to everyone in Hawaii, hospitals generate close to 6% of the non-farm employment in Hawaii, and are an important part of the local economy,” said George Greene, Healthcare Association of Hawaii president. “Health care providers are an important building block for a community, creating economic benefits that reach beyond the industry.”

Hospitals are an economic mainstay, providing jobs and economic activity in communities across the country.

In Hawaii hospitals:

* Employ more than 16,000 individuals and support an additional 34,709 jobs elsewhere in the Hawaii economy through “ripple effects”

* Provide stability and growth during times of recession

* Spend $1.27 billion on wages and benefits annually

* Spend more than $2.39 billion on goods and services from other businesses in Hawaii

Hospitals will always be best known for saving lives. That will not change, but this report reveals an often-overlooked role that hospitals play. They are job creators and they help fuel the economy.

The Healthcare Association of Hawaii is the Hawaii affiliate of the American Hospital Association and also represents long term care facilities, home health agencies, and hospice providers.

Hawaii data in the AHA report includes all non-federal hospitals, so does not include Tripler Army Medical Center.

To read the report, visit:

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