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University of Hawaii System spring 2013 enrollment at 55,373


Opening enrollment for the University of Hawaii System for the spring 2013 semester stands at 55,373 students, a slight decline of 1,303 students, or 2.3 percent, compared to spring 2012.

With a new campus in Kapolei to serve the western region of Oahu, the University of Hawaii — West Oahu posted both the largest numerical gain and largest percentage growth of any UH campus with 344 more students, or 21.6 percent, compared to spring 2012. Total enrollment at UH West Oahu stands at 1,937 students.

“We’ve known for years how important it was to build the UH West Oahu campus in order to serve that region of Oahu, and the growth in student enrollment there confirms this,” UH Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost Linda Johnsrud said. “We’re proud to be able to meet the need for access to higher education for this previously underserved area of our state.”

Kauai Community College also reported an increase in enrollment with 41 more students compared to last spring for a total of 1,370 students. Enrollment at the other UH campuses either remained flat or decreased slightly.

“We’ve experienced years of record growth and now we’re seeing it level out, which is what we predicted would happen,” Johnsrud said. “Most of the enrollment decline occurred at our community colleges, which could be attributed to the upswing we’re starting to see in the economy. During the economic downturn, students turned to the community colleges for short-term training and now they’re re-entering the workforce.”

UH Manoa enrollment stands at 19,073, a decline of 82 students or 0.4 percent compared to spring 2012. UH Hilo enrollment is at 3,901, a decrease of 102 students or 2.5 percent compared to spring 2012.

Enrollment at the UH Community Colleges decreased to 30,462, a decline of 1,463 students or 4.6 percent below spring 2012. Kauai Community College was the only community college campus to post an increase in enrollment. The remaining six community college campuses posted decreases ranging from 2.2 percent to 9 percent.

Specific figures for the community college campuses are:

* Hawaii Community College stands at 3,238 students, a decrease of 9 percent or 319 students

* Honolulu Community College has 4,139 students, a 3.8 percent decrease or 162 students

* Kapiolani Community College enrolled 8,060 students, a drop of 460 or 5.4 percent

* Kauai Community College registered 1,370 students, a gain of 3.1 percent or 41 students

* Leeward Community College has 7,144 students enrolled, a decrease of 158 students or 2.2 percent

* UH Maui College registered 3,980 students, a decline of 328 or 7.6 percent

* Windward Community College recorded 2,531 students , a decrease of 77 or 3 percent

Separately, more than 15,000 registrations in non-credit programs are expected throughout the UH system.

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