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Big Isle delegation reveals legislative session outlook

(From left) Rep. Richard Onishi; Rep. Cindy Evans; Rep. Clift Tsuji; Rep. Faye Hanohano; Rep. Mark Nakashima; Rep. Nicole Lowen; and Rep. Denny Coffman. (Photo courtesy of Rep. Cindy Evans)

(From left) Rep. Richard Onishi; Rep. Cindy Evans; Rep. Clift Tsuji; Rep. Faye Hanohano; Rep. Mark Nakashima; Rep. Nicole Lowen; and Rep. Denny Coffman. (Photo courtesy of Rep. Cindy Evans)


The State of Hawaii House of Representatives has convened the Twenty-Seventh Legislature. With excitement and enthusiasm the seven member House of Representatives, Big Island Delegation is ready to take on their committee assignments and set their session priorities.

“Key priorities for me are access to healthcare; resources for seniors, disabled and veterans; roads and road safety; and the construction of the West Hawaii Community College at Palamanui and other infrastructure projects. But the most important goal is to create jobs and improve the economy,” said Rep. Cindy Evans, Chairwoman of the Committee on Water and Land.

“I look forward to getting to know the issues of House District 2,” said Rep. Clift Tsuji, Chairman of the House Committee on Economic Development and Business. “Also, I am ready to take on the challenge as the new Chair of the House EDB committee, and to serve as a member on five other committees. There is a lot to learn and I welcome these opportunities to continue serving my District and our State.”

“A challenging year, that needs to focus on working together in unity” said Rep. Faye Hanohano, Chairwoman of the House Committee on Ocean Recreation and Hawaiian Affairs “E holomua me ka Lokahi.”

“We, your Big Island legislators, have a very big challenge on our hands this session,” said Rep. Denny Coffman, House District 5. “We are going to be asking the state for more capital improvement (CIP) money than ever approved in the past. We have many projects all around the Island. On the West side we will need $90 million in the second half of this biennium to fund our new courthouse facility. We also need additional funds for the construction of our Community College at Palamanui. Hawaii is growing outside of Oahu and the population growth in the neighbor Islands must be supported.”

“I support legislation to increase research and development of alternative energy programs while insuring the protections of our communities, the research and development of sustainable agriculture, the development of small and entrepreneurial businesses, and programs for affordable housing development and ownership,” said Rep. Richard Onishi, Vice-Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture.

“This session I will lead our members to carefully examine and take necessary action on such critical issues as minimum wage, unemployed insurance premiums, workers compensation and the Health Fund unfunded liability” said Rep. Mark Nakashima, Chaiman of the House Committee on Labor. “In addition, I will continue to pursue advancements in the strategic areas of renewable energy, agricultural self-sufficiency and broadening our economic base.”

“I’m looking forward to working with constituents on the issues in our community and representing their voices here at the Legislature,” said Rep. Nicole Lowen, Vice-Chairman of the House Committee on Water and Land. “My assignments as Vice Chair of the Water and Land Committee and as a member of the Committees on Finance, Energy and Environmental Protection, and Ocean Marine Resources, and Hawaiian Affairs will allow me to work directly on many issues that influence the future sustainability of my community and our State.”

The 2013 legislative session will conclude Thursday, May 2, 2013.

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