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Abercrombie releases funds to benefit West Hawaii


Gov. Neil Abercrombie has released $70.2 million for statewide capital improvement projects. Of the $70.2 million, $1 million will go to Kekaha Kai State Park in Kona for facility improvements and $275,000 will go to the plan and design of the new Waikoloa Public Library.

“I am very pleased that the governor released funding for state park facility improvements, and understands the importance of Kekaha Kai State Park to our community. It’s essential to our health to provide public access for recreational opportunities. Park infrastructure is aging and our state parks need improvement,” Rep. Cindy Evans said. “It is extremely important that we maintain our public places and keep them as pristine and inviting as possible.”

In addition, she said, “Waikoloa is moving one step forward toward getting a public library. The community of the Waikoloa Region will be asked to participate in the programming of services. We also anticipate a digital library.”

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