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Senator Schatz’s statement on fiscal cliff vote


Washington, D.C. – The legislation that the United States Senate just passed is not ideal but the alternative would be disastrous for the middle class in Hawai`i, and for the American economy. With this legislation, we can generate some of the needed revenue to fund important programs, and prevent a tax hike on lower and middle-income families. It also puts off damaging cuts to critical safety net programs and the military.

I’m pleased about the extension of unemployment benefits. While unemployment continues to drop across Hawai`i, tens of thousands of our neighbors still need help getting back on their feet.

It is imperative that the House take action quickly in order to minimize the damage that will be done to real people and the American economy. We are hopeful that this legislation can be on the President’s desk without any further delay.

It is important to remember that this crisis was manufactured by a congressional stalemate. We can and must do better. After passing this measure, we should work with President Obama to come up with a balanced approach to our national budget and put us on a path toward long-term economic growth.

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