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Scam phone calls pretend to represent firefighters group


Our office have been informed of an organization by the name of “FAR” (Firefighters and First Responders) have been contacting members of the public and retired fire personnel soliciting monetary donations to assist Fire Fighters and EMT’s.

The contact number given is an out-of-state telephone number that is not in service. This caller is claiming that the Hawai‘i Fire Department and the Union (Hawai‘i Fire Fighters Association) supports this organization and their efforts to raise money. This information is false.

The Hawai‘i Fire Department and Hawai‘i Fire Fighters Association have no knowledge of this organization and we believe this is a scam and blatant misuse of Hawai‘i Fire Department and Hawai‘i Fire Fighters Association’s name to mislead the public.

Again, we have no affiliation with this organization and the information they provide is false.

Fire Chief

Deputy Fire Chief

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