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Three Ring Ranch featured on BBC America (Dec. 3)

Richard Hammond says aloha to Johnny the Capuchin Monkey. (Photo courtesy of BBC America)


Richard Hammond’s Crash Course and Three Ring Ranch Wild Animal Sanctuary have teamed up for excitement.

BBC America sent Richard Hammond, star of Top Gear, to film his wild encounters with exotic animals, including Cody the Buffalo, Zoe the blond zebra and many other residents of the sanctuary.

Hammond had just a couple days to follow the curator Ann Goody around the sanctuary and learn how to safely care for an interact with the residents. He would have to learn to work with ostrich, shear an alpaca, care for a giant tortoises shell mix flamingo diets and assist with the release of endangered Hawaiian stilts.

Far outside of his comfort zone driving race cars and helicopters this program introduces Hammond and the audience to an unreal few days at Three Ring Ranch.

See what animal stole from Hammond and hear from him what it was like to have Cody invade his personal space.

The show airs at 5 p.m. Dec. 3 on BBC America, followed by two more airings later that day as well as by a future airing on BBC International.

Three Ring Ranch is the only accredited sanctuary in Hawaii. It cares for all native species, as well as provides advice and support to veterinarian and other rehabilitators. The sanctuary includes a center for hands-on training and interaction with animals for school age children.

“For the past 12 years we have rehabilitated Hawaii’s native and endangered species and cared for those exotic creatures already within the state who needed a safe refuge on our five-acre site,” Goody said. “Our barn, hospital, aviaries, wetlands and fields serve a wide variety of animals.”

Three Ring Ranch is a non-profit organization. Private educational excursions are offered by contacting the sanctuary.

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Richard & Ann moving very slowly out of Cody’s environment. (Photo courtesy of BBC America)

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