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Hualalai Academy’s parade of pets

Ken Nordin and his mom show off their dog. (Photo courtesy of Hualalai Academy)


Hualalai Academy recently hosted its annual Pet Day, where even the furry family members came out to have a parade.

Gared Sarubbi-Monell said he enjoyed his first time at pet day.

“I really enjoyed petting the parrot and it sat on my arm too,” he said.

The parade has several categories from cats, dogs and birds to stuffed animals and the always popular and mysterious … the other category.

This year, pets on display included shrimp, a colorful bird, a giant stuffed spider, and an ostrich egg. One goat had been a baby last year and came again this year, now a mommy to be.

Sean Pace, who brought his rabbit Charlie, shared their experience.

“We had lots of fun and we got surrounded by kids who petted Charlie,” he said.

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Sean Pace and his rabbit, Charlie. (Photo courtesy of Hualalai Academy)

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