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Ultraman 2012: Ribeiro, Monforte repeat as world champs

2012 Ultraman world champion Alexandre Ribeiro celebrates with crew members Jason Heady and Jose Carlos Poinciano. (Hawaii 24/7 photo by Karin Stanton)

Karin Stanton | Hawaii 24/7 Editor

For those keeping score, that’s six crowns for Alexandre Ribeiro and three for Amber Monforte.

Ribeiro, 47, of Brazil, and Monforte, 34, of Reno, Nev., capitalized on their Day 2 leads to claim additional world titles Sunday at Old Kona Airport Park complex.

The Ultraman race includes a 6.2-mile swim from Kailua Bay to Keauhou Bay, a 261.4-mile bike leg split over two days and a 52.4-mile run on Day 3, which takes the athletes from Hawi back into Kona and the finish line on the beach.

While the weather mostly was good for the bike and run portions, athletes had to power through some choppy whitecaps, brought on by the currents and winds during the swim.

“The swim was difficult. At the end, I felt I was swimming but staying in the same place,” Ribeiro said. “Then all the time on the bike, I felt good. Even on the run, my body felt 100 percent all the time.”

Ribeiro and second-place finisher Miro Kregar, 50, of Slovenia, typically run together, although Ribeiro’s superior bike times being the difference in total time.

“Today, Miro said on the run, ‘let’s not run too fast,'” Ribeiro said. “And I said, ‘oh, thank you, thank you.”

Ribeiro clocked a three-day time of 22 hours, 51 minutes and 12 seconds. Kregar’s final time was 23:52.57.

“My first time at Ironman Kona was 1984 and my first time at Ultraman Hawaii was 2003. I love the Big Island. The Big Island is a magic island for me,” Ribeiro said. “This is my holiday. And now I want to drink a beer.”

Women’s champion Amber Monforte gets a lift from her support crew after winning her third world title. (Hawaii 24/7 photo by Karin Stanton)

Over on the women’s side, Monforte carried a huge lead into the run and needed that advantage as two other women tried to run down her time.

It wasn’t until Monforte finished the run that she confirmed her third world championship and third place overall. She had the day’s third fastest women’s run, but had a total time nearly 30 minutes faster than second place Kathy Winkler.

Monforte’s time was 25:29.09, while Winkler’s was 25:57.56. Although it was not a record, it was good enough to crack the all-time top five times. Monforte has three of those top five times.

Winkler, 46, Mill Valley, Calif., is regarded as a stronger runner, while Monforte excels on the bike.

“My conditioning was not as good as last year. Probably because I just got married a couple ago,” Monforte said. “Kathy is really strong on the run and I knew I had to put some time in on the bike.”

Monforte said the swim conditions meant expending a little more energy than usual, which drained the athletes going into the second and third days.

“I always forget how much this hurts,” she said.

However, the highlight for day in the women’s division was a remarkable run turned in by Ultraman Hawaii rookie Yasuko Miyazaki.

The 35-year-old office worker from Tokyo was third across the finish line, beaten only by the top two men. Her run time of 7:32.12 vaulted her into the final podium position, with a total time of 26:21.28.

Just as she was catching her breath at the finish line, her boyfriend dropped to one knee and proposed.

Miyazaki said ‘yes.’

Yasuko Miyazaki celebrates the day’s fastest women’s run and her engagement. (Hawaii 24/7 photo by Karin Stanton)

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Day 3
Last Name First Name Age Sex Run 52.4 miles Overall
Overall Place
606 Ribeiro Alexandre 47 M 6:45:24 22:51:12 1
592 Kregar Miro 50 M 6:58:41 23:52:57 2
597 Monforte Amber 34 F1 8:12:06 25:29:09 3
600 O’Keeffe Tony 51 M 8:25:17 25:56:29 4
610 Winkler Kathy 46 F2 8:06:21 25:57:56 5
596 Miyazaki Yasuko 35 F3 7:32:12 26:21:28 6
599 Mueller Peter 50 M 8:18:07 26:21:48 7
609 Wang Gary 44 M 8:15:11 26:35:30 8
587 Draper Christopher 35 M 7:40:23 26:45:08 9
588 Ford Mark 50 M 8:43:07 27:04:46 10
583 Cokan Nino 39 M 10:11:54 27:07:52 11
584 Craveri Juan 44 M 7:38:21 27:55:09 12
604 Peruta Adam 34 M 8:20:44 28:07:12 13
595 McQuair Tracey 37 F4 9:14:57 28:19:31 14
602 Parseghian Roberto 42 M 8:44:58 28:31:10 15
578 Becker Kevin 48 M 7:57:51 28:39:57 16
598 Moore Joni 46 F5 9:04:54 28:44:04 17
594 Macpherson Alan 39 M 9:07:05 28:53:54 18
607 Robert Tim 47 M 9:38:09 29:16:33 19
580 Brown Michael 39 M 10:50:13 30:16:36 20
581 Calder-Becker Katherine 48 F6 9:50:52 31:01:08 21
586 Deitchman Michael 36 M 10:13:25 31:10:48 22
582 Carter Rusty 37 M 10:57:37 31:31:49 23
590 Hillhouse Ingrid 39 F7 9:48:38 31:31:56 24
605 Raymond Martin 50 M 10:36:24 31:45:16 25
603 Patzina Roland 46 M 10:37:56 33:22:06 26
608 Rubino Vito 34 M 11:59:59 35:59:57 27
576 Ajram Josef 34 M DNF DNF
601 Palmeiro-Winters Amy 40 F 11:01:21 DNF
585 Degazon Suzy 48 F 10:19:15 DNF
591 Johnson Stephen 50 M DNF DNF
577 Andrews Ellis 68 M DNF DNF
593 Lively Trung 44 M 11:49:19 DNF
589 Foulk Cory 51 M DNF DNF
579 Beers Laurie 58 F DNF DNF

Post-race ice bath for women’s champ Amber Monforte. (Hawaii 24/7 photo by Karin Stanton)

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