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Hualalai Academy science fair

(Photo courtesy of Hualalai Academy)


Hualalai Academy hosted its 12th annual science fair for students from kindergarten through 12th grade to demonstrate their science knowledge.

The middle and high school fair featured judges from the local community and from a wide variety of backgrounds such as psychology, medicine, education, chemistry, and biology.

The projects spanned all curriculum areas from chemistry, physics, and engineering to botany, psychology, and zoology.

Eighth grader Camron Ventura said, “I was able to share my project with many people and I learned a lot about making a presentation.”

The lower school fair had parent judges who asked the children questions such as where they got their ideas from and what they learned.

J.J. McFadden, second grade, said, “I loved making cotton candy and I learned that one kind of it was made in the 1400s in Italy.”

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